Top Differences Between Image Resizing and Compression

Top Differences Between Image Resizing and Compression
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Perfect size and quality images play an essential role in blogging, designing, digital marketing, and so on. That's why, it must be balanced in terms of both resizing and compression to ensure that your website looks more appealing and it doesn't take too much time to load. This will not only make your visitor's experience good but also helps in ranking your website on top in search engines like Google as it reduces the image loading time. However, using a picture without balancing its size and compression is likely to have a negative effect. It is because a picture in a small size will stretch and become blurred whereas a picture in a large size takes more time to load. Thus, you must use any editing tool like to attract as many visitors as you can.

Image Resizing

Image resizing is considered one of the most baffling problems. But now it has been made easy as there are different tools and apps available to resize your multiple images within seconds. When it comes to digital marketing, graphic designing, or photoshoot, size plays a vital role. That’s why it's crucial to update your images by adjusting the pixels as per your requirement. Resizing allows you to reduce the size of images by discarding the unnecessary pixels which will help you in sending the images easily through email or any other website. Moreover, it also enlarges the images by adding the pixels but it may result in losing the quality. Here are some of the properties of image resizing.

Easy to Use

You can resize your images with the help of different tools like bulk image resizer. All you need to do is open the tool and select the images to resize and then press the resize button. After resizing, save the image automatically on your device.

Customized Size

You can adjust the size of your desired images within your requirements. For this, you just have to add your required size and dimensions. You will get your desired image within seconds.


You can easily resize the image without facing any change in its quality. However, the quality is reduced when you enlarge the images by adding new pixels. Moreover, the file size will remain the same in image resizing.

Image Compression

Unlike image resizing, image compression helps in reducing the file size without compromising the image resolution. Two types are used to compress the images, lossless or lossy compression. Lossy compression is mostly used by photographers for natural pictures whereas lossless compression is used for medical imaging, technical drawings, or comics. Some different tools and apps are used to compress multiple pictures in one go. However, you can use bulkimageresizer as it is having a simple and fast bulk image compressor. Here are some of the major properties of image compression.


Image compression does not require much space on the hard drive. Resize images take large space within your devices as compared to compressed images.


Just like resizing images into large ones, the quality of images is also compromised in image compression in some formats. You can get the picture into the size that makes it easier for you to share it online but without high quality.

User Friendly

You can easily compress the bulk of images with the help of various tools. All the tools are simple and user-friendly. Simply upload the photo on the tool for compressing. Unlike image resizing, you don’t need to enter the image's dimensions. The image compressor itself does this.

Final Note

Tools like bulkimageresizer make it easy for people to reduce the size of their desired images within seconds. However, this article will help you in understanding the differences and properties of both image resizing and image compressor.

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