Top React Native Frameworks For Cross-platform app development

Top React Native Frameworks For Cross-platform app development
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The development of cross-platform apps is now a buzzword. Its significance in the current react native app development environment is massive and growing by the day. A variety of frameworks for developing apps across platforms are in use, but one of the most well-known frameworks is called react native. It is a unique technology that it provides a range of capabilities to develop cross-platform apps.

There is certainly an abundance of tools and frameworks that are to choose from; you could get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. To help you search for the most effective and impressive cross-platform framework, we've listed the top React native app development frameworks. It will help you in selecting the right one for your needs.

How Does React Native Work?

React Native uses JavaScript (JS) to build the interface of the app. It gives users built-in access to native components and views, allowing users to gain API access to OS-specific features and uses native-written code within the application.

React Native utilizes the concept of "bridge," which enables Asynchronous communication between the native components and JavaScript. The concept of the bridge is at the hood of React's adaptability.

JavaScript, as well as Native elements, are two different technologies, however, they easily communicate. This architecture offers a variety of benefits for developers who have a variety of features that are OS-native, but it also poses a number of issues. React Native app development is the best in app development.

Best React Native Frameworks For Cross-platform app development

1. NativeBase

NativeBase an open-source front-end platform, can be an excellent choice for those who need to write new React components to work on multiple platforms. Making an application using this library is an ideal method to begin using React Native across multiple platforms.

Components are built with React Native and JavaScript, with attributes that can be altered. Native libraries from third-party sources can be utilized in the initial version. With more than 13,000 star ratings on Github, NativeBase is completely free and free of cost.

But, as the number of screens and features increases the price of themes increases. Users of the web can now use Native-base, too.

Your app might look and appear like a native app when you're using a similar JavaScript codebase and specific design to work on both Android as well as iOS. Apart from a starting application for Native, They've also made versions of Twitter as well as a to-do list app, as well as an educational application as open-source projects. Applications for rental booking, reservations jobs, chat, booking and much more can be available in their premium collection.

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2. Material Kit React Native

Apps developed with Material Design may be created by using React-Native, a UI kit. The Galio framework can be used to modify the most well-known components to make things easy and in line with Google's Material Design.

200+ unique handmade items like maps and cards are available within the user interface. If you alter themes, users are able to alter the hue of any element. In addition, there are five custom plugins as well as 5 examples of how these plugins could be utilized.

3. Teaset

The most popular React Native component library is Teaset. There greater than twenty completely pure JS (ES6) Content classes within the UI framework. Teaset is a great option for those who prefer a minimalist and clean style. The focus here is the way information is presented and the ability to act upon the information.

4. Material native React UI

Developers can make use of CSS frameworks that react to native uses to create apps that adhere to Google's Material Design principles. It is possible to mix and combine any of the components of Material Design to customize the design and style of your application. On GitHub, the Material UI for React Native has about 2,900 stars.

It is the uiTheme JavaScript component utilized for React Native Material UI. The theme object is passed through Context in order to ensure that it is as flexible as possible. By default, the theme object inherits its light theme. Go to this page to find the visual representation of each component in full.

5. React native Fabric

Analytics is an essential feature for any software that needs to collect data on its marketing and technical aspects. This package, which has 1200-star ratings on the list of top reactive native UI libraries for React Native projects is a simple choice for us. For connecting your cross-platform application with Fabric Analytics, you'll require the React Native Fabric. Fabric, Crashlytics, and Answers are all included in this subscription.

6. UI Kitten

UI Kitten is an open-source collection of user interface components. There are more than 3,800 stars in GitHub in this application, which developers make use of to keep the layout of every component consistent.

UI Kitten creates every UI component in the same way even when they're distinct by the logic of business. Similar to CSS where styles are distinct from code, this concept is comparable.

7. React Native Paper

When it comes to the creation of elements for user interfaces, React Native Paper is a cross-platform application toolkit. A plugin, Babel is utilized to minimize the dimensions of an application and is designed to work with the design. Its React Native Paper library is used in the following application to provide an illustration. It has over 4000 ratings on Github.

8. Nachos UI

There are over 1,900 stars for the NachosUI User Interface on Github which allows you to make use of it in every JavaScript as well as React Native project. The ease of not having to worry about how to style every element is a huge advantage.

Incorporating any one of these pre-styled inputs of one component into another is all that's required. Choose any of the components in the Nachos UI kit, import the appropriate React Native code, and modify it according to your application's requirements.


Shiv Technolabs is the Best React Native App Development company. React Native has several frameworks that are built-in libraries, as well as ready-made solutions that help keep it ahead of the pack. The list of react native frameworks that we have mentioned above helps in the react native app development of cross-platform apps and makes it easier. Learn more about the most popular cross-platform toolkits for React native app development in 2022. If you want to grow your Business you can Hire a Reactnative Developer to grow your Business and make a profit with us.

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