Touring Mt. Kenya: Exploring the Majesty of Africa's Second Highest Peak

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Mount Kenya, Africa's second-highest mountain, is a majestic destination for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Kenya, this stunning volcanic mountain offers a range of trekking routes that cater to different experience levels and preferences. Among the most popular trails are the Chogoria Traverse, Chogoria-Sirimon, and the Sirimon Trek, each providing a unique and breathtaking journey through the mountain's diverse ecosystems.

The Chogoria Traverse: A Scenic and Challenging Route

The Chogoria Traverse is often considered the most picturesque route up Mount Kenya, renowned for its scenic beauty and diverse landscapes. This trek starts in the town of Chogoria, on the eastern side of the mountain, and leads you through lush forests, bamboo groves, and alpine meadows. As you ascend, you'll be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of pristine lakes, glaciers, and the rugged peaks of Mount Kenya.

Highlights of the Chogoria Traverse

  • Chogoria Gorge: Your journey begins with a hike through the magnificent Chogoria Gorge. The narrow, towering cliffs and the burbling sound of the Nithi River make this an unforgettable start to your adventure.

  • Lake Ellis: The hike to Lake Ellis is a highlight of the Chogoria Traverse. This picturesque lake is set amidst a high alpine moorland, providing an ideal place to rest and admire the surrounding scenery.

  • Point Lenana: The Chogoria Traverse route leads you to Point Lenana, one of Mount Kenya's three main peaks. While it doesn't require technical climbing, it offers spectacular sunrise views over the African plains and is a common goal for trekkers.

Chogoria-Sirimon: The Complete Mount Kenya Experience

The Chogoria-Sirimon route is a longer and more comprehensive Sirimon trek, offering a well-rounded experience of Mount Kenya's diverse ecosystems. It starts on the eastern side in Chogoria and ends on the western side at the Sirimon Gate. This journey allows you to witness the transition from lush, rainforest-covered slopes to the moorlands and high-altitude desert.

Highlights of the Chogoria-Sirimon Trek

  • Gorges Valley: The Chogoria-Sirimon route takes you through Gorges Valley, surrounded by jagged cliffs and pristine rivers. It's a surreal and isolated landscape that will leave you in awe.

  • Nithi Falls: Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to visit Nithi Falls, a hidden gem with its beautiful cascades surrounded by lush vegetation.

  • The Teleki Valley: A landscape of alpine deserts and moorlands, the Teleki Valley is a unique experience in itself. It's a stark contrast to the lush greenery at the lower elevations.

Sirimon Trek: A Gentle Ascent

The Sirimon Trek is the most accessible route for hikers, offering a relatively gentle ascent to Point Lenana, the mountain's third-highest peak. This route starts from the Sirimon Gate on the northwest side of Mount Kenya, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer a less strenuous journey.

Highlights of the Sirimon Trek

  • The Sirimon Gate: The Sirimon trek begins at the Sirimon Gate, where you'll be welcomed by pristine forests and captivating birdlife. This is a great spot for birdwatching and nature lovers.

  • Mackinder's Valley: This picturesque valley is named after the British explorer Sir Halford Mackinder. The landscape here is an excellent example of the unique beauty of Mount Kenya, with its distinctive tarns and valleys.

  • Shipton's Camp: Along the Sirimon route, you'll stay at Shipton's Camp, named after Eric Shipton, a renowned mountaineer. The camp offers a comfortable stopover with splendid views of the peaks.

Preparing for Your Mount Kenya Trek

Before embarking on your Mount Kenya adventure, it's crucial to make thorough preparations:

  • Permits: Obtain the necessary permits for trekking Mount Kenya. These can be acquired from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) or through registered tour operators.

  • Guides and Porters: Hiring experienced guides and porters is highly recommended, especially if you're new to high-altitude trekking. They will ensure your safety and assist with logistics.

  • Gear: Make sure you have appropriate gear, including clothing for varying altitudes, sturdy hiking boots, and camping equipment. Weather conditions can change rapidly on the mountain.

  • Acclimatization: Allow time for acclimatization to prevent altitude sickness. Ascend gradually and spend a night at intermediate altitudes when necessary.

  • Fitness: Train and prepare physically for the trek. Cardiovascular endurance and strength are essential for a successful summit attempt.


Mount Kenya offers a range of trekking experiences, and the Chogoria Traverse, Chogoria-Sirimon, and Sirimon Trek are just a few of the routes that showcase the mountain's beauty and diversity. Whether you're seeking a challenging adventure or a more relaxed hike, you'll be treated to breathtaking landscapes and the chance to summit a high-altitude peak. As you explore the trails and take in the magnificent views, you'll undoubtedly come to appreciate the natural wonders and rich history of this iconic African destination.

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