TP Link AX1500 Repeater setup

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The TP Link AX1500 increases the wifi signal's range on your current internet connection. The TP Link RE505X creates a network that gives your home or office high-speed connectivity and coverage. With TP Link, any common modem or router will function. You may have personal wifi connectivity for your device, smart TV, printer, and other devices with the TP Link AX1500.There are two ways to do the TP Link AX1500 Repeater Setup: the manual technique and the WPS method. Both of these ways can be used to set up a TP Link Repeater. To complete the setup process follow the given method ;

 By using Manual Method TP link AX1500 Repeater Setup

  • Connecting the extender to a power supply will start the TP Link RE505X setup.
  • Wait until the WiFi repeater's AX1500 power LED light turns totally green.
  • Visit the RE505X network by logging in to your laptop or computer now.
  • Enter into the address bar of a web browser once it is open.
  • You've arrived at the setup page for the TP Link RE505X range extender.
  • Create a mywifiext login account and follow the instructions to connect your wireless repeater to your current WiFi network.
  • After successfully configuring your AX1500 booster to the current network, position your wireless repeater at the desired location.




TP Link AX1500 Repeater setup

TP link AX1500 Repeater Setup with help of WPS Method 

To configure your TP Link RE505X WIFI extender using the WPS technique, follow to the steps below:

  • Start by connecting your TP Link RE505X range extender to the same room's main router.
  • Check for the AX1500's power light to turn completely green.
  • On your TP Link AX1500 Wi-Fi extender, press the WPS button right away.
  • Within one to two minutes, press the same button on your main router or modem.
  • Both of your devices' WPS lights will be blinking.
  • Once all four LED lights on the extender are lit, the light on your booster will stop blinking.
  • It shows that the TP Link RE505X extender was configured via the WPS method.
  • Remove your repeater's plug and relocate it somewhere else in your house or place of business where your WIFI signal is weak.

How  To Update Firmware in Tp-Link AX1500?

The extender's firmware has to be updated if it's not working correctly.Follow the given Instructions Step by Step,

  • The lights on the AX1500 RE505x should all be on.
  • The network of the TP Link RE505X extender ought to be available by your device.
  • You must first open in your browser in order to access the admin page of your AX1500 Extender.
  • After logging into your Ax1500, select the settings tab.
  • Look for the option labelled System tools on the RE505X Web GUI.
  • The next step is to choose the firmware upgrade option under System Tools.

If you are unable to update the Ax1500 firmware, you can get help through our chat service and also using our toll free no.


 Common issue in tp link AX1500 repeater setup

  • The RE505X's lights are not turning on.
  • receiving the message "can't reach this page."
  • IP address not reachable.
  • Get the repeater's default login password or fix the RE505X firmware and software update issue.
  • unable to access the configuration page for the Tp-Link AX1500 WiFi extender.
  • On the router, there was no WPS button.
  • The AX1500 cannot be configured with the new modem or router.
  • Devices cannot be connected to the extender network.
  • Issue with username and password. On the RE505X, the power light is not displayed.

How to reset tp link AX1500 Repeater?

  • Look for the reset button on your Repeater RE1500.
  • The reset button is located on the back of the Netgear RE1500.
  • Once you've located the reset button, press and hold it for 8 to 10 seconds.
  • then easily reset your Repeater RE1500 configuration.
  • Restart it once more to finish the process.
  • Tp link  AX1500 repeater setup is complete you can move your extender in the desired location. 

If following these instructions to reset your TP link RE1500 Repeater doesn't work, then  feel free our technicians  are help you , 

Troubleshooting Steps for TP LINk AX1500 Repeater Setup

  • To begin with, confirm that the extender can receive the full quantity of electricity from the power connector.
  • Make sure your power plug is not broken when you fix your extender.
  • Check the wiring connections that you made when installing the extender.
  • If you encounter any issues with
  • Check to be sure the URL you entered in the address bar is the right one.
  • If a wall, a corner of the room, a Bluetooth device, a metal object, etc., is not in close proximity to the WI-FI range extender.
  • While logging into your TP Link WiFi extender, use a more recent web browser.
  • Use the most recent version of the web browser to sign in to My WiFi Ext


If you are stuck any problem in the setup process then feel free our expert are help you,you can contact with our expert by using the live chat facility and also call our toll free  no ,


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