Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review

Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review
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Welcome to my Tube Mastery and Monetization review.

I’m pretty sure you have seen Matt Parr on YouTube in one of his ads or videos. However, you are not sure whether Tube Mastery and Monetization is legit or a scam, am I right?

In that case, you have just landed on the right website.

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m an affiliate marketer who went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online with my affiliate marketing business!

I have also reviewed 600+ schemes and scams to find the best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about earning money online and assisting you to follow in my footsteps!

A few months ago, I discovered Tube Mastery And Monetization. I was following Matt Parr online and decided to find out more about it.

That said, there are a few questions that need an answer to help you to make a well-informed decision about this course. Those questions are:

  • Is Tube Mastery and Monetization legit?
  • What is Tube Mastery and Monetization about?
  • Who is Matt Parr? Is he legit?
  • How much does Tube Mastery And Monetization cost?
  • Can you make money with this course?
  • How does this course work?
  • What the pros and cons are?

So without further ado, let’s dive into the Tube Mastery and Monetization review to learn what is it, how it works, who Matt Par is, whether it is a scam or legit, and some more!


Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review

Tube Mastery And Monetization Review – Overview

  • Type: YouTube/Make Money Online
  • Owner: Matt Par
  • Price: $597 One Time (Join Here)
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days (no questions asked)
  • Recommended?: Yes, If You’re Into YouTube

Quick Summary: Tube Mastery and Monetization claims to help you to start earning income by creating a successful YouTube channel.

YouTube is indeed one of the best ways to make money online. But the problem is, too many courses out there promise massive amounts of money fast.

And most of them are scams.

That said, you’ve probably seen Matt Par’s ads on YouTube, and that is why you need a review in the first place. He got me interested as well so I decided to learn more.

As I’m always interested in learning about ways to make money online, I took some time to find out more about Matt’s course.

But is it a scam or legit?

βœ… Tube Mastery And Monetization Pros

The good news is that Matt’s course includes seven step-by-step video modules where Matt reveals how to start a successful YouTube channel using his proven system.

One of the best things about this course is the author. Let me elaborate…

Matt Par is a super-successful YouTube entrepreneur. During his young career, he has managed to build a few highly successful YouTube channels, monetize them, and earn 1000s a month in passive income.

So it is safe to say that you will be learning from the expert!

Also, it comes with access to a private mastermind group, a list of 100+ profitable niches, case studies, and more.

Although I feel Tube Mastery And Monetization is an expensive course ($597), the good thing is that Matt gives you 60 days to try it out and lets you ask for a refund in case you’re not satisfied.

Refunds are issued with no questions asked, which is awesome!

πŸ›‘ Tube Mastery and Monetization Cons

The bad news is, well, it’s a bit expensive. That’s the only red flag associated with Matt Par’s course.

On the bright side, the price tag was about $900 a few months ago. In the meantime, the price dropped to $597. And who knows, maybe it will go down again in the future.

And if I have to add another thing in this section of my Tube Mastery and Monetization review, I would say that YouTube is not for everyone.

But on the bright side, Matt even teaches how to make money without showing your face.

That said, you don’t have to be a “tube” personality to become successful with Tube Mastery and Monetization course.

πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ Scam or Legit?

Overall, Tube Mastery and Monetization is a legit course for starting a YouTube channel and making money online. It’s created by a legit expert, Matt Par, and is highly recommended if you’re into YouTube-ing.

The bottom line is that this program is not a scam and the 100% recommended (click here to join TMM).

If you need more information about the details of the Tube Mastery and Monetization course, keep reading this review.

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What Is Tube Mastery And Monetization?

Tube Mastery And Monetization is a detailed training program that teaches individuals how to make money with YouTube.

The course was developed by a young guy called Matt Par who earns six figures from numerous YouTube channels.


According to the creator of Tube Mastery and Monetization, this step-by-step course is suitable for anyone interested in making money with YouTube.

You are probably aware that YouTube is a fantastic method to generate income online.

How People Like Matt Make Money With YouTube

YouTube is not for everybody. A lot of people are camera-shy, which creates a big roadblock when it comes to making money with the world’s second-largest search engine.

The good news is that it is not an issue with Matt’s Par course.

That said, Matt teaches people to make money with YouTube without even showing a face.

Therefore, Tube Mastery and Monetization could be the perfect course for people who like the idea of making money on YouTube but are shy to show their faces.

How would you achieve that? Well, there are a few techniques that you can use to rank videos on YouTube without having to show your face.

For example, you can use video software that creates “cartoon-style” videos that are highly popular these days. Secondly, you can leverage text-to-speech software to create talking images/slideshow videos.

Also, you can hire voiceover artists to do the job for you!

Below is a quick guide to making money with YT:


Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review – Tube Mastery and Monetization Reviews Created By Matt Par

Matt’s Course Can Teach You How To Make Money With YouTube

All in all, inside Tube Mastery And Monetization, you will discover seven step-by-step training modules where Matt Par is going to teach you how to:

  • Choose your niche
  • Set up your YouTube channel
  • Upload videos to YT
  • Grow your channel
  • Monetize your videos
  • Scale your income

Based on my experience, the most important parts of starting a YouTube channel have been covered in Matt’s course.

Tube Mastery and Monetization is in other words a complete course and it teaches legitimate and workable methods.

While writing this review, I learned a lot from Matt Par, which made me believe that this young man is definitely not some random guru or a scam artist. And you wouldn’t believe how many of them are fake.

Speaking of whom, let’s check out the next section of my review to meet the young man behind this course.

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Who Is Matt Par AKA Make Money Matt? 

Matt Par started his first YouTube channel when he was just 14 years old. Today, he owns multiple channels all across the world’s second-largest search engine and makes six figures for doing so.

More precisely, he owns 9 channels so far.

Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review

Quite impressive for a kid his age, wouldn’t you agree?

What I like about Matt is that he is a genuine guy. He’s not trying to sell you dream about making millions overnight with his Tube Mastery and Monetization course.

Instead, he’s focused on helping you to follow his success and avoid mistakes that have cost him a lot of time and money.

As I was saying, Matt Par started his first YT channel at the age of 14.

Two years later, he was having 100K subscribers and was earning almost five figures per month using monetization strategies that are available to anyone.


Also, if you don’t want to jump into Tube Mastery and Monetization course right away, you can follow Matt Par on his learning YouTube channel where he shares free content.

The channel is called Make Money Matt, and by the time of writing this review, his channel counts 150,000 subscribers! Those are pretty impressive numbers, wouldn’t you agree?

So is Matt Par aka Make Money Matt legit? I feel like the answer is clear.

Now, let’s focus on the actual content of the Tube Mastery and Monetization course that I will reveal in the next section of my review.

How Does Tube Mastery And Monetization Work?

The main idea behind the Tube Mastery and Monetization is to show you how to choose a narrow niche, create content, and upload it to YouTube properly so you get rankings and traffic.

Once you get rankings and traffic, you can monetize your channel with ads, affiliate marketing, etc.

Speaking of which, this is also covered within the course.

Basically, Matt has achieved a lot of success using this simple formula for making money with YouTube. And you definitely want to learn from someone who has got a lot of experience.

Moreover, that person needs to show good results. And Matt Parr seems like a perfect guy for the job.

Ready to start your own YouTube success? Click here to join Tube Mastery and Monetization course!

What Is Inside Tube Mastery and Monetization?

Matt Par is going to lead you through this process step by step through 7 training modules. Each module is, of course, in a video format and Matt hosts each lesson.

Videos are easy to follow and full of good content.

Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review

Here’s how Tube Mastery and Monetization works in steps:

Module 1: Overview of the Blueprint

During the first training module, you’ll get a chance to meet Matt and hear about his own success with YouTube.

Also, he’s going to give you a tour of the member’s area and lead you into the course itself.

He’s divided Tube Mastery and Monetization into three stages:

  1. Choosing a niche and planning your content
  2. Uploading 33 videos
  3. Outsourcing the work

So in this training module, you’ll get an overview of the blueprint and a basic understanding of what and how you will be creating success with Matt Par.

Module 2: Choosing a Niche

The second module of Tube Mastery and Monetization is about choosing your niche. Matt is going to lead you through the process and help you to do the market research properly.

The goal is to choose a niche you like and that has potential.

As a bonus in this module, you’ll get a list of 100+ Profitable Niches.

Here’s what’s covered with this module:

  • Ways of Going About YouTube
  • The Best High CPM Niches
  • Doing Market Research

Module 3: Setting Up Your Channel For Success

Setting up your channel does not only mean that you’re going to open one and set it up with your name and details. That part is covered too.

But the main idea in this module of Tube Mastery and Monetization is to show you how to plan your content and use Matt’s 33 rule.

Also, he’s going to introduce an SEO tool that you’re going to use to find long-tail keywords and plan your content accordingly.

Here are the main points from this module:

  • The 33 Rule and how to use it
  • The Best YouTube Tool Ever Made
  • My Secret SEO Keyword Process
  • Planning Your Content Strategy

Module 4: Uploading Videos

This module should be called the Content Creation phase or something like that because this is the module where you learn how to create your videos properly. Matt explains how to:

  • systemize your videos
  • where to find free content
  • how to edit videos for free
  • create a high click-through rate thumbnails

And then, once you follow these steps, your video will be ready to upload and be watched by YouTube users.

Module 5: The Growth Module

This module of Tube Mastery and Monetization is all about understanding YouTube Analytics and The Algorithm.

Also, Matt shares how to go viral with your videos as well as when to upload them on YouTube.

Module 6: The Monetization Module

There are a few ways to monetize your YouTube channel, and in this module, Matt reveals how to make more money than most YouTubers.

Here are the main topics from this module:

  • How to Make More Money Than Most YouTubers
  • The Many Ways of Monetizing Your Channel
  • My Personal Favorite Way of Making Money Utilizing YouTube

He also shares all the ways you can monetize your channel and reveals his favourite one.

Module 7: Scaling Your Channel

And lastly, the idea behind Tube Mastery and Monetization is to put your channel on autopilot by hiring a content creator who is going to do the work for you.

This way, you’re free to rinse and repeat the whole process once again. Matt has done this 10 times already, so it pays to follow his advice from this last training module

Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review

Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review – Tube Mastery and Monetization Reviews Created By Matt Par

Can You Make Money With Tube Mastery And Monetization?

You do not make any cash if you do not use what Matt shows. Nonetheless, I believe you can have your own successful YouTube network if you apply what he educates you and also have a winning attitude.

You will certainly start to earn money once you have actually generated the required amount of subscribers and views. You only require 1000 subscribers as well as 4000 hours of viewing time to start making money.

Some people will certainly arrive quickly, while others will take their time.

But who knows, you could be the next YouTube millionaire if you follow Matt’s guidance!

Who Is Tube Mastery And Monetization For?

By now, it should be clear that Tube Mastery and Monetization is for anyone interested in starting a YouTube channel and making money online.

Matt Parr offers access to a step-by-step system compressed into a training course where you can learn how to make money posting YouTube videos.

I feel that this course is suitable for both newbies and advanced YouTubers.

Another good thing about this course is the fact that it is suitable for those who are camera shy as well. Matt shows how to make money without having to show your face too.

So if you fit the profile, and want to get started ASAP, click here to join Tube Mastery and Monetization.

It’s definitely not for people who are not ready to work and invest in building a successful online business.

That said, let’s conclude the Tube Mastery Monetization review with a few more useful information and some pros and cons.

How Much Is Tube Mastery and Monetization?

So finally, let’s talk about the money! If you want to get access to the Tube Mastery And Monetization course, you’ll have to shell out $597 one-time + VAT.


There is also an option to split it into three payments of $237.90

But as I said, the good news is that you have two months to see if it is the right investment or not. Matt will give you a full refund without asking a single question.

Ready to get started? Join Tube Mastery and Monetization today!

Tube Mastery and Monetization Features

The Complete Tube Mastery and Monetization Program

We have gone through the entire course in the earlier section of the review.

As you have had a chance to see, you will get access to a seven-module step-by-step video training where Matt shows you how to start your own profitable YouTube channel from scratch.

You will learn how to choose a niche, plan your content using SEO tools, crate videos without having to show your face, upload, and SEO your videos, and last, you’ll learn how to automate the whole operation.

Instant Access To a Tube Mastery and Monetization Mastermind Group

Another cool feature of Tube Mastery And Monetization is Private Mastermind Grou’.

This is a Facebook group. Matt has created a community within his course where he and other members hang out daily and help each other in any way they can.


It’s a good thing that Matt is going to be available. You can reach out and ask him questions 24/7.

BONUS #1 – List of 100+ Profitable Niches + Example Channels

I’ve mentioned this feature in the earlier section of the Tube Mastery and Monetization review, but it’s worth mentioning again! You’ll get a list of 100+ profitable niches.


The list was created by Matt himself. Moreover, he gives you example channels as well.

BONUS #2 – Fill-In-The-Blank Video Script Templates

I find this bonus very valuable. Basically, you get a set of video script templates that already contain some content.


All you have to do is fill in the blanks with targeted words for your niche and you’re ready to publish.

Tube Channel Case Studies

And the last feature of Tube Mastery And Monetization is a set of case studies. Matt gives you access to a few channels where you can see exactly how they were built from scratch to earning a monthly income.

What I Like About Tube Mastery And Monetization

Matt Par is a Legit YouTube Entrepreneur

The first time I bumped into Matt’s ads on YouTube, I knew this kid has got something great to show me. I like his enthusiasm and the way he talks about making money online.

He’s very passionate about his work, which is awesome.

When learning how to make money online, whether with YouTube or with blogging, you have to learn from experts. Based on what I’ve seen so far, Matt Parr is definitely a go-to person in this niche.

Together with Tube Mastery And Monetization course, he owns nine successful YouTube channels and makes well over six figures a month from all of them. That’s awesome!

Tube Mastery And Monetization Course Is Comprehensive

Now, when it comes to the Tube Mastery and Monetization course, I like everything about it.

The course seems to be covering all the essential steps to success with YouTube. Matt really takes care that he leaves no stone unturned.

Most importantly, the course is based on a proven blueprint that Matt Par is still using to create YouTube channels and to make money from each channel he makes.

Moreover, the course is straight on point and designed to help you to avoid beginners mistakes.

60-Days Risk-Free Trial

I still haven’t reached the price section of this Tube Mastery and Monetization review, but I’ll add here that you have 60 days to test Matt’s course.

If you don’t like the material, you can ask for a refund and you’ll get it. No questions asked!

Great news, right?

So all in all, I think that Tube Mastery and Monetization course is an awesome package. If you’re looking to learn how to set up profitable YouTube channels, Matt Par is your guy.

What I Don’t Like About Matt Par’s Course

I don’t even know why I have opened this section. Oh, yeah. I remember now. As you’re about to see in the next section of my review, Tube Mastery and Monetization is a bit too expensive.

Tube Mastery and Monetization is Expensive

Sure you have that 60-days money-back guarantee available, but still, $597 is a lot of money for some folks.

I think a lot of people will be turned down by the price Matt puts on his expertise. However, at least you can watch free videos on his Make Money Matt channel until you can afford it.

Is Tube Mastery And Monetization A Scam?

Tube Mastery and Monetization is not a scam. It’s a 100% legitimate course that could teach you how to make money via YouTube.

As I said in the previous sections of my review, Matt is not flashing you with his earning screenshots, nor does he give you any unrealistic promises about making tons of cash overnight with his course.

The sales page for Tube Master and Monetization is clean of any scam signs. Moreover, and this is a very important thing in my book, Matt reveals the content of his course before he asks you to enroll.

Scams usually feed you with a lot of BS and ask for money without sharing a thing about the program they’re selling.

Have you ever seen one of these scams?

Here are a few YouTube scams that you should avoid if you ever bump into them. Keep your distance from Tube Profit Sniper and The Tube Funnel.

The latter is not a scam per see but compare to Matt’s course, it’s a low-quality product.

Another thing that leads me to say that Tube Mastery And Monetization is legit is the refund policy.

Matt gives you 60 days to check out the course and ask for your money back. If you do so, he will refund you without any questions asked.

Usually, scams will charge you x amount of money, promise a refund, but disappear forever and ignore your refund requests. Trust me, I’ve fallen to those scams many times.

So the bottom line is, Matt’s course is not a scam.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!


Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review

Is Tube Mastery And Monetization Legit?

Absolutely! Matt Par’s Tube Mastery And Monetization is a legit training course. It is designed to show you how to start earning with YouTube even without any experience.

The number one reason for saying that Matt’s course is legit is the owner himself.

See, scams usually create a fake owner persona to create a connection with you. However, if you have experience with scams, it is easy to do a background search to find out whether he or she is a real deal.

For example, you can see how the creators of don’t even reveal their identity.

Moreover, the program called Easy Retired Millionaire uses stock photos and a fake name to scam you. That’s not how legitimate courses do business.

As you can see from my review, the course has a real owner. Matt Par is a legit YouTube entrepreneur. That said, Tube Mastery And Monetization is legit too.

That said, let’s jump into the next part of the Tube Mastery and Monetization review to conclude this program.

Do I Recommend Tube Mastery And Monetization?

Yes, I would recommend Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course.

YouTube is a popular and one of the fastest ways to earn an income online and Matt’s course is the best one in this niche that I’ve had a chance to review so far.

However, I’m obligated to share a few words of warning as well.

Starting a YouTube channel is definitely a fun adventure. But it also includes work.

In other words, it takes a lot of time and effort to set up everything and to get results. And if you’re a newbie a lot of these things will be brand new to you so it may take a few months to pick up all the information.

Also, Tube Mastery and Monetization is an expensive course. Moreover, there will be a few extra costs down the road (hiring content creators).

So make sure to think twice and prepare at least $2000 before you start learning from Matt Par.

In case you are looking for a less expensive, but equally good online business opportunity, check out my #1 recommendation at the end of the review!

Or, if you are into Youtube, start learning from Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course today.

Tube Mastery and Monetization Pros & Cons

I’ve already talked about what like and don’t like about this course. Here’s the summary in bullet points.


  • Matt Par is an expert and a genuine guy
  • The course is based on Matt’s personal experience
  • You get 7 modules of step-by-step training
  • A lot of positive customer reviews and testimonials
  • 60-days no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • Tube Mastery And Monetization is legit


  • $597 one time is not affordable to everyone
  • Extra costs down the road (outsourcing)
  • Someone without experience might find the info confusing

Tube Mastery and Monetization Review – Final Words 

Tube Mastery and Monetization is a legit course for starting a YouTube channel from scratch to earning your first income.

It’s actually the best course in this niche that I’ve seen so far and I highly recommend it.

If you’re someone who likes the idea of making money online with YT, you’ll discover that Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization is a 100% legitimate source of information.

Moreover, Matt himself is an expert on this topic and if you follow the lessons through, he could lead you to achieve success.

One of the best features of this offer is the money-back guarantee. It’s practically a risk-free investment!

That said, thanks for reading my Tube Mastery And Monetization review. I hope this information has helped you to make a well-informed decision. If you have questions, let me know in the comment section below.

Want to start your own YouTube channel? Join Tube Mastery and Monetization here!

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

I know how hard it is to trust websites these days. There are too many scams out there, especially in the make-money-online world. I know, because I reviewed over 600+ sites so far!

See, Tube Mastery and Monetization is just one of the many companies I have reviewed…

While searching for the best ways to make money online myself, I bumped into a platform where you can start making money online in the best way possible.

It is a 100% legit program that helps people to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

So if you want to succeed online and make money finally, my best and only recommendation is affiliate marketing. Best of all, all you need is an email address to get started.

Keep reading for more info…

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The program that I recommend as my #1 solution for making money online with affiliate marketing is based on a 100% proven and tested system.

The best thing about this method is that it is passive in terms of results and income.

In other words, you could be earning an income from your site for years and years to come because this method is so POWERFUL and overlooked by many marketers.

Just take a look at commissions that I earn passively all thanks to affiliate marketing.

Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review – Tube Mastery and Monetization Reviews Created By Matt Par

If you want to learn more about how you too can start making money online with affiliate marketing, click the button below!

After evaluating over 600+ programs on the web, my conclusion is easy. This is the best course to learn about ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

And if you’re looking for the very same, click the button below!


Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Review

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