Types of tea and infusions: biological, natural and conventional

Types of tea and infusions: biological, natural and conventional
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If we talk about the production process, tea is divided into different families: white, green, black, Pu Erh, and Oolong... but if we talk about the nature of its ingredients, as well as the type of aroma when talking about blends, we find the following types of teas and infusions: bio, natural and conventional. Here you will discover what differentiates them from each other, as an advance to tell you that it is simpler than it seems!

Organic teas and organic infusions

These teas and infusions, whether they are ingredients, Premium teas, or blends, are made with ingredients of biological origin. In addition, in the case of carrying aroma, it must comply with the new law of aromas in organic food that came into force on January 1, 2022.

These aromas must be composed of at least 95% of what it says it is. For example, an orange aroma must be composed of 95% exclusively orange. Only the remaining percentage, 5%, can be used for oils, alcohols, or any other ingredient.

Unlike the aromas that were allowed until 2021, this new type of aroma does not modify the flavor of the entire tea or infusion. Before, an orange aroma made all the tea taste like orange, depending on the amount of it. Now, with the new flavor type, it doesn't add much more flavor than any other ingredient.

Finally, all the teas with the name of biological, organic, or ecological, as well as the infusions, will be certified with the European organic farming logo and badge (in the case of Europe).

NON-BIO teas and infusions
Let us now see the types of tea that are not organic. Here we can divide them into two groups: Natural or Conventional.

Natural teas and infusions
Natural teas and infusions are aroma blends that are made from organic ingredients and natural aromas. Despite these points, natural teas and infusions do not carry the organic certificate on the bag.

In this classification, we find all the recipes that were previously organic and that since the beginning of 2022 ceased to be so due to the type of aroma they use. The taste is the same, only that since the new regulations they cannot be certified as organic.

Conventional teas and infusions

All teas and infusions that are not found in any of the other groups of teas are called conventional. Here we find pure teas and ingredients that do not have an organic certificate, and whose ingredients do not come from organic farming. Let's say that they are the most typical references in most brands, cheaper, but at the same time less ethical with the environment. Whenever you can choose well and choose bio! For more info click the link about Specialty coffee.

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