Understand Your BMI To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Understand Your BMI To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

This article is for everyone who wishes to maintain their health as they age. To lead a happy family, you need to have a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, drinking enough water and eating balanced meals will keep your body and mind healthy. Also, simple self-care tips like relaxing and practicing mindfulness can be beneficial. Also, avoid junk food and make a conscious effort to eat more fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly is a great place to start. Hence, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Furthermore, following a healthy lifestyle can prevent certain life-threatening diseases and avoid many fatalities. However, most people suffer from various health problems, and their most prevalent medical condition is obesity. It would not be wrong to say obesity is the root cause of many diseases. Therefore, it needs to be addressed timely. So, following a healthy routine will reduce the risk of encountering certain health problems, especially gaining excess Weight.

No doubt people try to keep themselves physically fit but sometimes after immense efforts they can’t reduce their Weight. Because they are not aware of their BMI or maybe their body fat has become resistant/stubborn. If this is the case, a person needs a proper checkup from a dietician. Thus, they must not lose hope and think losing Weight is not possible anymore as doctors have come up with a solution in the form of Bariatric Surgery

All weight-loss surgeries are collectively known as bariatric surgery. It involves making different changes in the digestive system to help you lose Weight. Bariatric surgery is performed when diet and exercise are not working anymore. Also, when you have serious health issues because of your Weight. Thus, some bariatric procedures limit your food intake, and other procedures work by reducing the nutrient absorption capacity of the body.

Moreover, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should know your BMI. Below we have explained BMI in detail so you get an idea of where you stand and what your goal should be. If you don’t know what BMI is? What is BMI Chart? Or How to calculate your BMI then

Understand your BMI:

Understanding many different fitness-related terms is difficult. But knowing what is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle is necessary. To simplify your weight loss journey, we have simplified the term BMI, and Body Mass Index, into different categories. Thus, now it’s easy to understand and rank yourself in the right category of ideal Weight.

 BMI is a calculation of your Weight and height. It’s the easiest way to gauge whether your Weight is in healthy proportion to your height. Knowing your right BMI can help you determine the health risks you may face if it’s more than the healthy range. Moreover, it helps your dietician decide whether you need weight loss surgery to lose excess Weight.

Hence, BMI is important in measuring Weight according to height. And also determines what complications you may face due to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems, fatty liver issues, high level of cholesterol, etc.

Categories of BMI

People often find it difficult to understand the right BMI and how to calculate it. So, we have categorized BMI under four headings. Hence, it will help you know where you stand and what your target is to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Different categories of the BMI (Body Mass Index)

There are four categories: Underweight, Healthy Weight, Overweight, and Obesity. Let’s read them in detail one by one.

1: Underweight

Those who look lean and thin might be underweight. Being underweight means not eating, working out too much, or being medically sick. In simple words, you are consuming less and burning more calories. But again, there could be a million reasons for being underweight. Thus, you cannot decide this on your own and need to speak with your GP. According to the BMI calculator, a person is underweight if the BMI is less than 18.5. So, a general tip for gaining weight is to try eating more food and reducing the amount of exercise you are doing. 

2: Healthy Weight

People who come in the category of healthy Weight. They are physically fit and should maintain a lifestyle by the routine they are already following. As the BMI calculator shows, they range from 19 to 25. It’s great news. They are considered to be in the healthy range. Thus, they must keep up with what they are doing because it’s working well for them.

3: Overweight

Those ranging on a BMI scale above 25 are sadly overweight. They need to shed some weight through exercise and a workable diet plan; if both don’t work, they must choose bariatric surgery. But, according to doctors, the best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. The BMI calculator gives a personal calorie allowance to achieve a healthy weight safely. However, the calorie suggestion is just a suggestion, so use it more as a reference than a hard and fast rule. Thus, make an appointment with a health practitioner as he can help you to tweak your diet by upping or lowering the calories depending on how your body responds.

4: Obese

Unfortunately, if you are above 25 according to the BMI calculator, you are obese. And the best way to lose weight is through a combination of diet and exercise. Whereas in extreme cases, medication and weight loss surgery. Thus, if you are classed as obese, get a health check from your GP before starting exercise to ensure you are healthy enough to do so and not have any health issues. Moreover, a simple tip is to consume fewer calories than your body needs to lose weight because we lose fat when our body consumes it for energy. 

Exercise is essential

There are numerous ways to begin your fitness journey, like gentle cardio. Also, you can start exercising or walking every day but don’t do too much too soon. The most simple and direct tip is to start doing more each day. In addition, professional nutritionists can recommend you with a keto diet plan that can assist you to boost your metabolic and mental health. Thus, each step adds up, and each lift will use calories and help break down muscle. Tell yourself to start exercising today, not tomorrow, because exercise is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

BMI for Bariatric Surgery

So, if you have tried all the weight loss techniques and none worked for you. Then it is time to consider bariatric surgery. You should know your BMI to see if you qualify for the procedure. If your BMI is more than 40, you are overweight and an ideal candidate for bariatric surgery. Hence, your next step should be to make an appointment with the best weight loss surgeon and begin the weight loss journey.

To conclude

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, know your BMI. Even if you do not meet the BMI requirements, the inability to achieve healthy, sustained weight loss could be enough to consider bariatric surgery. But it is just one way to determine whether bariatric surgery might be right for you. If you’re considering bariatric surgery, don’t hesitate to reach out to ALSA Pakistan, where you will meet a professional surgeon, Dr.Tahir, who has a caring team. He is known for his surgical excellence and comprehensive post-surgical follow-up care. Moreover, the bariatric surgery cost he is taking is less than others. So, if you love yourself, then maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to studies

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