Unique, Beautiful Front Door Ideas for Your Home

Unique, Beautiful Front Door Ideas for Your Home
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04 September 2023

A unique front door can change the look of your exterior in the blink of an eye. Plus, it's the first thing they see when they arrive and the last thing they think about when they leave. And a beautiful entryway design gives people something to remember the home by.

The most beautiful front door ideas will make a great first impression all year long. Talking about important functional features like safety, security and good structural design, style is also essential. Doorbell cameras mounted near the front door of the home are gaining in popularity. There is a good reason for the rapid growth. Doorbell cameras not only make your home look technologically advanced, but they also provide an added layer of security and convenience.

That 'gone are the days' when a homeowner had to settle for a cookie-cutter front door,' how adds 'Today, the front door is the place to make the biggest design impact, turning the once mundane doorway into a statement- Turns into making entrance. Given below is a list of 20 contemporary door designs that boast expressively tailored personality and style.

25 Contemporary Door Designs To Make A Great First Impression In 2023

  1. A Royal Experience

Set the tone for your honored guests with a grand entrance that is sure to impress. Be it a residential space, a commercial office space or a hospitality space, your design can never go wrong with this door skin design. If you live near Mumbai and want to design your home interior, you can visit the link to find best Interior Designers in Bandra East.

1. A Royal Experience

  1. Give Your Guests a Warm Welcome

Vibrant wood tones paired with colourful walls add natural character to your entryways. Here the greenery peeking through the frosted glass and stand-alone planter adds to the warmth that makes the space stand out.

2. Give Your Guests a Warm Welcome

  1. Bring Out Your Artistic Self

Add personality to otherwise dull spaces with beautifully designed artistic door skins, like these Florin Design Decorative Concrete and Liquid Metal Finish Door Skins by Interior Designers.

3. Bring Out Your Artistic Self

  1. A Pleasant Break from The Conventional Styles

The alternate cut outs on this grid design wooden door add an interesting touch to the usual door design and make it unique.

Make sure that the outer wall should be painted with a dark colour and there should also be an outdoor lighting system to make it more attractive.

4. A Pleasant Break from The Conventional Styles

  1. Turn on The Glam with Glass

Another way to make a door stand out is by installing clear glass. You can use this design style to make the front door as well as the doors to the inside rooms. But if you are worried that your privacy might be compromised but still willing to use this as your entry door design, just replace the clear glass with frosted or artistic glass.

5. Turn on The Glam with Glass

  1. Bold, Black, Beautiful

With a metal entry door like this, no one can get out of your home. This Liquid Gunmetal Finished Door Skin is an ideal solution for all those looking for a contemporary door design to enhance the look of their exterior.

6. Bold, Black, Beautiful

  1. Induce A Vintage Vibe

This Liquid Metal Copper Patina Finish Door Skin is a perfect fit for both modern and classic interior spaces and can enhance the elegance of your spaces in an instant.

7. Induce A Vintage Vibe

  1. Stand Out with Brass

Isn't this floral design brass door skin stunning? If you want to go big in style and achieve a bold look, then this door skin can be an ideal pick.

8. Stand Out with Brass

  1. Clear Out the Sides

This classic door appears to float weightlessly between the clear glass slides and has an elegant exterior look.

9. Clear Out the Sides

  1. Geometric Patterns All the Way

A clean geometric pattern can be a nice break from traditional and overused designs. The warm yellow colour of the door in contrast to the gray concrete exterior also adds a nice finishing touch, making this entryway memorable.

10. Geometric Patterns All the Way

  1. Design A Statement Entryway

Celebrate the flawless and vibrant beauty of nature with handmade textured contemporary door skin designs and effortlessly achieve a space full of personality and character.

11. Design A Statement Entryway

  1. Classy & Contemporary

Even a simple entry door design like this can add a substantial amount of beauty to your exterior and make your space stand out from the plain and traditional doors that we usually see.

12. Classy & Contemporary

  1. Age Old Classics with A Modern Twist

A classic design like this can never go out of style. 'But what's the twist?' You must be wondering. This type of metal door used to be heavy, but not anymore. This door that you are viewing has been designed using liquid metal finish, thus it is super light and super affordable as well. Click here to see more door skin designs like this one.

13. Age Old Classics with A Modern Twist

  1. Make Way for Rust

This entrance to an office space from Studio Untitled speaks of elegance, sophistication, and class. And with the new age rust finish, creating such a mesmerizing entryway won't be a problem anymore.

14. Make Way for Rust

  1. Add A Bold Accent

Impress your guests with designer entry door craft using liquid gunmetal and liquid metal brass and watch as they highly become Instagrammable backdrops.

15. Add A Bold Accent

  1. Let the Door Do the Talking

Craft entry doors that not only express your style but also bring the X-factor to your exteriors.

16. Let the Door Do the Talking

  1. Don’t Be Safe and Sorry

Stoke the happy feelings with these unique and contemporary door designs, crafted using liquid metal copper, and create a 'feel good' experience for your spaces.

17. Don’t Be Safe and Sorry

  1. Edgy & Elegant

Check out this flattering apartment door, a modern look with small wooden squares and warm wood tones giving it a classic look. Add decor items like chandeliers, small plants, stylish lights to give it a grand look.

18. Edgy & Elegant

  1. Peek-A-Boo

Camouflaged with its border panels, this wooden door makes a dramatic first impression on every guest, with a substantial and weighty look amid concrete clad exteriors.

19. Peek-A-Boo

  1. Play with Colours

Want to design a quirky, playful exterior? Go for a colour-blocked glass door like this one and you will not need to worry about anything else.

20. Play with Colours

  1. Unusual Colour Combinations

This way can turn an ordinary front door into a focal point. This door goes for a subtle yet bold approach to colours, with different tones of the same wood merged.

21. Unusual Colour Combinations

  1. A Luxurious Entryway

If you are looking to create a designer entryway like this, then this Sunray Brass Metal Finish Door Skin is just what you need. Affix it to any new or existing door and instantly transform your traditional door into a statement one.

22. A Luxurious Entryway

  1. Open Sesame

Enhance the elegance of your entryways with such contemporary door designs and create an enchanting sensation for your guests.

23. Open Sesame

  1. Go Big, Go Bold

Large doors like this make for a great front door, especially when you have a beautiful view outside and a clean and minimal foyer inside.

24. Go Big, Go Bold

  1. Country Chic

The deep rose tones set against the stark black exterior make for a great modern country style design that is sure to attract attention.

25. Country Chic


From choosing the right colour to the appropriate material, it is essential to ensure that your front door results in something extraordinary. Choose a front door based on the needs of the home – from offering privacy to maintaining the overall aesthetic of the home.

As a designer, you can play with many styles and designs to create the front door best suited for the home. Remember, the front door isn't something that gets remodelled often, so it's best to install one that can withstand the test of time and the evolution of interior design style! Take the time to get measurements, materials, and designs right before someone installs the entry door into your forever home.

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