Use innovative outdoor LED lighting to deter criminal activity while cutting down on energy costs

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28 March 2023

The benefits of installing outdoor lighting on your property are many. One persuasive argument is that installing outside lighting is one of the best methods to prevent vandalism and theft.

Take note the next time you're driving home at night of how many of your neighbor's houses seem to be unoccupied. An uninterrupted row of 10 unlit houses is a burglar's dream. To maintain a low profile, criminals will go toward darker locations. They plan to grab as little attention as possible while making off with as much as they can. If you look at any "Top Stolen Cars" list, you'll see that the most often stolen cars are the most widely available. Even if a new Ferrari would be the dream car for any burglar, they are far more likely to go for the Cadillac Escalade or Toyota Camry which is just two years old. It is hazardous for a thief to be near anything uncommon and noteworthy since it will bring attention to what he is doing. This is the frame of mind you should adopt when installing outdoor lights. You want people to take notice of your house and differentiate it from the other houses in the neighborhood.

The Price of Power The common perception is that brighter lighting means higher electricity bills. Although this may be true for incandescent bulbs, it has nothing to do with modern LED illumination. (If you want to learn more about the specifics of LED technology, which we won't go into here, you can find plenty of resources on the web.)

Here's a look at the difference between the before and after of converting a home's outside lighting to LED lights.

The house occupied a corner lot and was illuminated by four floodlights on the street-facing front and four more on the street-facing side. The lights were programmed to come on at nightfall and stay on for 10 hours. There were eight flood light price in pakistan, and their combined power was 600 watts. The yearly power bill for this residence was $262 ($20/month) at an average rate of.12 cents per kilowatt hour.

Eight linear LED wall wash fixtures with a total of 96 watts were installed in the residence during its makeover. Ten hours a day, the LED lights stayed on. The new rate of.12 cents per kilowatt-hour added up to $42 annually or $3 monthly. A yearly savings of $220 is achieved.

Replacement Costs The lifespan of conventional lights is often described in terms of the number of hours they can shine before finally giving out and needing to be replaced. In contrast, the lifespan of LED lighting is typically expressed as the number of hours it takes for the LEDs to produce 50% of their initial light output. In other words, when an LED fails, it simply emits less light than it did before, whereas a conventional bulb completely goes dark when it burns out.

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