Using Explainer Video Content to Connect with Your Audience

Using Explainer Video Content to Connect with Your Audience
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Explainer videos, one of the most effective marketing tools of our time, are short animated videos used to explain a product or service. Brands leverage the power of such videos to demonstrate their unique value proposition, address common queries of users, and attract potential customers to check out their landing page or website.

However, today, explainer videos are not just limited to marketing purposes. Their presence is also being used to build credibility, establish and deepen relationships with your customers, and foster a sense of brand loyalty.

Well, here are a few ways they can be used to connect with the target audience:

Educate your audience

One of the primary benefits of explainer videos is that they can be used to simplify complex or abstract terminologies into easily digestible chunks for the target audience. 

By educating your potential customers through catchy infographics and animated characters, brands can smoothly demonstrate their expertise and position themselves as thought leaders in the industry.

For instance, if you’re a software company offering cloud-based solutions for data analysis and management, you can leverage the power of an explainer video to demonstrate your product, its benefits, and how it differs from your competitors.

Accordingly, you can engage your audience by educating them about the importance of data analysis and how your product can help them achieve their goals.

Entertain your audience

After using videos to educate your target audiences, you can also use them to entertain them. This will help you humanize your brand, enhance its personality in the market, and establish long-term relationships. 

If we consider an example, imagine you’re a travel agency offering customized trips around the world. Here, you can use animated explainer videos to showcase some of the destinations you offer, the experiences you can set up for them, and the memories you can offer.

Also, proper use of animation, music, and narration can help you create entertaining videos that persuade your audience to take action.

Engage your audience

Lastly, the most important role explainer videos play is engaging the viewers effectively. Since they are highly interactive in nature and can create immersive and personalized experiences for customers, they are a great choice for startups and enterprises.

By engaging your audience, you can also encourage them to take action, such as signing up for a free trial, downloading a resource, or sharing your video with others. This can help you generate leads, conversions, and referrals.


To put it simply, explainer videos are powerful tools that can help brands connect with their audience in an efficient manner.

As a result, they can prove instrumental in increasing awareness and trust in the brand.

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