Vedic Math And It's Techniques To Solve Complex Mathematical Problems

Vedic Math And It's Techniques To Solve Complex Mathematical Problems
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21 November 2023

We all have definitely heard about the ancient techniques and tricks of solving mathematics called Vedic math. It is basically a system of rules that are used to solve math in a very simple and effective method. It is also believed that this technique is almost 5,000 years old and was widely used at that time by scholars. Moreover, not only in ancient times, it has passed from generation to generation and has its uses in today's math calculations also.

Vedic Math And It's Techniques To Solve Complex Mathematical Problems

Vedic math tricks and techniques are even used for making complex math problems into simpler ones with simplicity, accuracy, and speed. These three elements of Vedic math made it more renowned by the passing of time in our country.

As in today's time, we all can agree that math is the most important as well as complicated for students hence any tricks that can allow them to solve problems easily is a boon for them, and that is Vedic math which gives the students a chance to again develop their interest in math by some easy and approachable tricks for the problems. Definitely by learning these tricks, one can definitely score good marks in their academics.

Nowadays there are several Vedic Maths Classes available on the online platform, which basically helps students to learn the techniques for simpler accurate and efficient solutions for their math problems. Moreover, for its several benefits, Vedic math has become famous among beginners in the current world.

Benefits Of Vedic math

The benefits of Vedic math which allows the students to choose this technique are listed below. have a glimpse of it.

A. Solving The Calculations At A Faster Rate

With Vedic math, one can definitely perform calculations at a faster rate than the other methods. It is a collection of special tricks and algorithms that are designed with the purpose of solving complex problems at a faster rate. Due to this feature, it is widely used by professionals and students who do complex math calculations. One can learn these techniques by taking online tuition classes for Vedicmath for solving their doubts.

B. Helps In Developing Problem-Solving Skills As Well As In Increasing Concentration And Memory.

Vedic math involves techniques that can improve concentration, focus, memory as well as problem-solving skills with accuracy. It requires the practitioner to think logically and creatively. Moreover, to concentrate, remember, and recall in order to solve complex problems easily with efficiency and accuracy.

C. Vedic Math Also Helps In Improving Mental Agility, Flexibility, And Mathematical Skills.

It involves the practitioner thinking quickly and make timely decisions. Moreover, it also makes them adaptable to complex problems. IT gives them the confidence to solve complex mathematical problems using algorithms and techniques accurately.

Although there are several other benefits that are catching the interest of beginners. Although they are not more important than the techniques of Vedic math, they solve mathematical problems very easily.

From the very beginning, we are constantly learning about the techniques of Vedic math. Now it's the time to know about those tricks and techniques

Techniques Of Vedic Math For Easy Calculation Of Mathematical Problems-

A. How To Find The Square Of A Two-Digit Number Whose Unit Digit is 5

With Vedic math, we can easily calculate these types of problems. It involves easy steps that can be understood by everyone. Let us take the example of the number 55, and we have to find its square. So first, take the last digit and square it, in this case, it will be 25, and then multiply the numbers with the addition of 1 in the number, i. e5×(5+1)=30 moreover, we have gotten our answer that the square of 55 is 3025. Now, you definitely have understood the process, so find the square of 75 or 45 using this trick. Moreover, if you have some problems regarding this or do not clearly understand the trick, then you can definitely check the Vedic math classes on the online platform, where you will get all the rules of this in a very descriptive manner.

B. How To Convert Kilograms Into Pounds

Again, with Vedic math you can convert kilograms into pounds very quickly. The steps are such that first, double the given kilogram value. Then divide the number by 10, and lastly, add the doubled value and the value comes through division of it, and you will get the required value in pounds.

Illustration showing how to convert 113 kg into pounds, so on doubling, we get 226 and by division by 10, we get 22.6and on adding these two, we get 248.6 pounds, respectively.

C. How To Divide Any Number Any Large Number By 5

With Vedic maths, again, our calculation of complex mathematical problems will convert into simpler and more accurate ones. Now we are discussing how to divide any large number by two and answer that is very easy and can be done in seconds. For we have to find xyz÷5, then just multiply xyz with 2 and put the decimal point behind the last digit of the number. We have to find the value of 11235÷5, then just find 11235×2=22470 and put a decimal point behind the last digit, that is 2247.0, and this is the required answer to our problems.


To sum up, these are some tricks of Vedic math that allow any student to solve their mathematical problems. Also, let me know if you know these tricks or not. If anyone wants to learn or find all the tricks of Vedic math, then they can definitely get help from online vedic math class, as there, one can get all the tricks for beginners as well as for professionals.

Concluding the whole discussion with the fact that Vedic math is something which will help students to overcome their fear of mathematics and will allow them to again fall in love with the calculations of math.

Hence excel up students understanding by taking Online Tuitions Classes related to Vedic math which help them in getting good grades as well as in developing some good mathematical skills.

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