Verify Identity On Cash App: How Can I Verify My Cash App Account For Less Than 18 Years?

Verify Identity On Cash App: How Can I Verify My Cash App Account For Less Than 18 Years?

Today, there are several smart and convenient options for making online money transactions. Cash app is one of them that is quick and easy to send or receive money. All you need is an internet connection and a cash app account for instant money transfer. Talking about the cash app, it is an advanced and secure application that is used by millions of users. With this account, you can make money transactions between two parties at any time. Other than money transfer, there are many other features of the cash app. These include cash app cards, trading, paying bills, using the card as an ATM card, and many more.


But, if your cash app is not verified then you cannot make the transaction of bigger amounts. How to Verify Identity on Cash App? If you also want to know about increasing your limit and verifying the identification then go ahead and read this blog.


On Cash App, there is a limit on making transactions. Users can send an amount of $250 in 7 days. Also, the receiving transaction limit for 30 days is $1,000. An unverified cash app account cannot send or receive more than this limitation. But, increasing these limits can be done by identity verification on the cash app. For this, users will need to provide their full name, last 4 digits of their SSN, and DOB.



Can I verify my identity on Cash App without id?


The answer to this question is no you cannot verify your cash app account if there is no ID card. Without verification, there will be no increase in the cash app transaction limit.


Users of the cash app need to verify the account for sending and receiving beyond the limits. You can only send bigger amounts with a verified account. Also, verification of the cash app is needed to prevent scams and frauds during online money transfers.


How to verify your identity on Cash App if under 18?


If you are under 18, you will not get any option to verify your cash app account. Cash App terms of service say that the user needs to be 18 years or older to sign up and get started with its features.


The users above 18 years can go for verification of their identity. This is important as it increases your transaction limit on the cash app accountTo verify the identity, follow these instructions:


Make sure to open the Cash app on your phone.

If the amount is bigger than the limit, you’ll automatically get a message to verify the identity.

Tap on the profile tab and then scroll down to the menu option

Then, click on the support button and look for the “verify identity pending” button.

On the verification page, make sure to confirm your full name.

Provide DOB and mention your last 4 digits of SSN to complete the verification step.


What to do if I can’t verify my identity on the cash app?


You’ll need to mention your SSL and other details on the cash app to verify the account and identity. You won't be able to make transactions more than the limit in case you cannot verify. To get some technical assistance, you can get in touch with the technical support team. Just dial the helpline number for immediate technical assistance.


How long does it take to verify identity on the cash app?


The cash app begins the processing of verification once you are done with mentioning all the details. It usually takes 48 hours to verify the identity on the cash app. Users will see the “Verification in Progress” message on their screen after completing the process. To notify the users, the cash app sends a confirmation email or message about the verification process.


In case, your account didn’t get verified then talk to the technical support team. They will assist you in verification if there is any issue in the process of identity verification. Do you want to know- How to Verify Identity on Cash App? If yes then the technical support team will help you in solving your glitches.


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