Victony WiFi Extender Setup in 4 Simple Steps

Victony WiFi Extender Setup in 4 Simple Steps
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26 September 2022

When the user receives poor WiFi signals, installing the extender appears to be pointless. It is not, however, a single user's problem. Many users are fed up with the poor WiFi signals emitted by their Victony extenders. If you are experiencing the same issue, this post is for you. Here are a few pointers to help you resolve the Victony extender poor WiFi signals.

Modify the Extender's Position

One of the most common causes of poor WiFi signals is incorrectly positioning the extender. Is your extender properly positioned? Let's double-check.

Check to see if your extender is in a corner or near a concrete wall. Yes? That is, however, an incorrect location. So, take your extender and move it somewhere else. However, it should not be placed near direct heat sources, devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies, metal surfaces and objects, reflective surfaces, or large water containers. This is due to the fact that all of the aforementioned factors play a significant role in diverting or blocking the Victony WiFi extender's signals.

Analyze the Ethernet Connection

Poor signal strength from your Victony WiFi extender can also be caused by a faulty Ethernet cable. Didn't you read in the manual for your Victony WiFi extender that the Ethernet cable connecting your extender and the host router must be free of damage?

This is the only way to create a strong direct connection between your WiFi devices. So, without further ado, determine whether the Ethernet cable is free of damage. If not, replace it right away.

Adjusting the Extender-Router Distance

In addition to sharing a direct connection via Ethernet, your Victony WiFi extender and main router communicate via wireless signals. This communication, however, will cease if your WiFi devices are not placed in close proximity. As a result, you must decrease the distance between them.

When it comes to reducing the extender-router distance, there is one thing to keep in mind. It cannot be reduced to zero. Otherwise, you'll soon encounter more problems as WiFi signals clash.

Firmware Upgrade

Are you aware of the significance of a firmware update? It is important to understand that updating the firmware of any networking device to the most recent version will provide it with new security and performance enhancement features. Your Victony WiFi extender appears to be in desperate need of a firmware update.

As a result, download the most recent firmware file and log in to your device using the Victony WiFi extender username and password. After that, navigate to the Firmware Update option and upload the file. Within a few seconds, your Victony device will reboot and begin operating on the most recent firmware version.

Final Preparations

That's all there is to it when using the Victony extender to resolve poor WiFi signals. The article is now coming to an end with the hope that the tips discussed here will assist you in resolving the issue you were having. Additionally, you should consider rebooting your Victony extender on a regular basis to avoid technical glitches.

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