Video Cameras - Traffic Safety in the Mornington Peninsula

Video Cameras - Traffic Safety in the Mornington Peninsula
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19 October 2023

Victoria currently employs cameras to monitor speeding and red-light violations on certain roads, but hoon driving - which often takes place before police can arrive - remains hard to track.

Jordan's Lighting & Electricians can install CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems in your home or business to deter intruders and keep a watchful eye when you aren't around - all from the convenience of your smartphone! We provide services throughout Northamptonshire & Worcestershire and if you are looking for one of the best CCTV installation providers Ion Security is the best choice.


VicRoads traffic surveillance cameras are made available to Traffic Operations Centre (TOC) staff in order to quickly identify incidents on the road network. These high-resolution images capture images in all weather conditions for real-time monitoring without routine recordings being made.

Radio frequency detector was set to detect Wi-Fi signals; however, none were picked up from hollowed out books on shelves or wall clocks in one bedroom; nor from any mirror covered with reflective surfaces that had also evaded detection.

While you should hire a specialist company to conduct an in-depth audit of a home for hidden cameras, there are some basic measures you can do yourself to detect any cameras within its walls. Checking behind books and mirrors, watching out for lens reflections or flashing lights from objects like picture frames and clocks may provide clues. Likewise, turn off or unplug all devices emitting radio waves such as kitchen appliances, baby monitors, routers or modems which send out radio waves, along with any devices which send radio waves such as kitchen appliances, baby monitors routers or modems from entering a home environment.


Victoria boasts over 1,600 VicRoads road safety cameras which monitor traffic incidents and congestion. These real-time images of Victoria can provide real-time images to Traffic Operations Centre staff for operations management as well as provide public access for informational purposes.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) suggests anyone owning a security camera take note of local laws before installing or using it, such as planning permission from local councils or regulations regarding use of CCTV. Furthermore, it would be advisable to seek guidance from any strata-controlled property's body corporate before making this decision.

Jordan's Lighting's Mornington Peninsula home cctv installation team can assist with setting up an effective home security solution featuring CCTV technology. This advanced surveillance solution enables you to keep tabs on your house, deter criminals and record footage 24/7 - all from an app on your smartphone! You can even use it at holiday properties so as to control access only to those authorized guests.


VicRoads employs over 1,000 traffic cameras that assist the Traffic Operations Centre staff to quickly identify incidents on Victoria's road network, respond to community concerns and assist media reports, monitor congestion and roadworks as well as respond to community concerns about traffic reports - they do not provide real-time video replays.

Shire web cams display current images from locations around the Mornington Peninsula, such as recreation centres and youth services. However, these live feeds should only be viewed during daylight hours for use exclusively within Shire offices.

Jordan's Lighting & Electricians can advise you on which CCTV Installation system would best meet your needs and budget, setting up an app so you can remotely view your property from any mobile device if desired. Get in touch today to arrange an onsite quote!

Weather Updates

An effective video Residential Security Systems can serve as an effective deterrent against break ins, providing peace of mind to both homeowners and holiday home renters. They may also help provide evidence needed for insurance purposes.

Mornington Peninsula is located south-east of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia and bounded by Port Phillip and Western Port on its western edge and Bass Strait on its eastern boundary. This popular tourist area features many sheltered and open sea beaches as well as scenic sights and views that attract many visitors each year.

Mornington Peninsula weather can vary greatly; while it usually remains sunny, rain showers can occur occasionally. Furthermore, due to being surrounded by water on three sides during wintertime it tends to remain relatively warmer than other Victorian locations.

This information should only be used as general background knowledge, and not used to make decisions that could impact upon either your or others' safety. For more accurate and up-to-date weather conditions on the Mornington Peninsula, please consult with the Bureau of Meteorology.

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