View YouTube Video's Thumbnail in Fullsize with this Tool!

View YouTube Video's Thumbnail in Fullsize with this Tool!
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05 December 2023

Need a thumbnail of a YouTube video but it's only very small? helps you by providing a simple tool that allows you to view the thumbnail in differenz sizes, such as fullsize or medium-resolution. Thereby, you have no longer the lowest quality thumbnail of a YouTube Video.

What is is a free online tool that allows you to view and download every YouTube video's thumbnail in different sizes, mainly low, medium and maximum. This helps you to find a suitable thumbnail for your use-case.

How does the tool work?

All you need to do is to enter the YouTube video url into the input field and hit the 'Submit' button. Within seconds, you get a choice to view the thumbnail in different sizes. In addition, you can view the thumbnail in a new tab or download the thumbnail. It's depending on your choice.

Which sizes do you provide on the tool? offers three sizes which are as follow

  • Low resolution: 320x180px
  • Medium resolution: 480x360px
  • Highest maximum resolution: 1280x720px

Why do I need a YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

There are different use cases why you need a YouTube Thumbnail which we present in the following

Sharing thumbnail with your friends

Let's say you found a humorous or interesting thumbnail but you do not want the lowest quality of the thumbnail. Instead, you need a larger thumbnail. Here comes the tool which allows you to download the thumbnail in 1280x720px. This way you can share your favourite thumbnail with your friends, loved ones or family members.

Embed on your website

Integrating the YouTube player directly may cause issues with cookie privacy and reduce the site speed significantly. By downloading the video's thumbnail in fullsize using our tool, you can easily put your thumbnail on your website and link it to the YouTube video. This preserves the privacy and maintain the site speed and so your ranking.

Streamlining Presentation in Presentations

For educators, presenters, or business professionals using YouTube videos in presentations, having high-quality thumbnails is crucial. Our Thumbnail Downloader allows you to obtain crisp, clear images that can be seamlessly integrated into your slideshows or presentations. This ensures a polished and professional look, enhancing the overall quality of your content and keeping your audience engaged.

Are there other tools that downloads other previews?

The tool of BoingBoing allows to view other previews of the YouTube video but these are much smaller, making it hard to capture something essential.

Another tool of YouTube Thumbnail, offers more different sizes.

Why Should I Use over other services?

Our tool is a seamless and easy-to understand tool that allows you to view any YouTube thumbnail more easily. In addition, if you have problems with the English language, you can also use our tool in other languages, such as Spanish, French, Russian, German and Hindi. Thanks to our excellent team, we try to open our tool to as many people as possible.


Downloading a YouTube Video Thumbnail is quite hard, particularly if they are needed in different, larger sizes. Thanks to our intuitive and easy tool, nobody has to worry about downloading the thumbnail in highest quality anymore.

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