Visualizing Statistics In Minecraft

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It is often difficult to comprehend and compare information about public sector spending. Statistics on government spending is usually presented in tables. In this hack, I used open data from Eurostat (the EU statistics agency) about government expenditure for several countries and rendered sets of boxes in the Minecraft world. This makes it possible to explore the data by walking (flying) around the world.

Boxes for expenditure information are classified as General public service Defence, Public order, safety, Economic affairs and protection housing and community amenities. Health, Recreation culture, religion, Education, Social security.

1. (top) Cows eating grass in the vicinity of the UK's budget for "Housing & community amenities".

2. A player stands in front the government spending for Malta while looking out at Germany

3. Overview of Germany, France, Italy and UK:

The future plans include making budget deficits appear like holes in the ground, and making it possible for people to walk into boxes to look at subdivisions. I believe that data for Greece should be rendered as lava.
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