Want To Become a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica?

Want To Become a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica?
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A digital nomad is someone who works online while they travel. Also called remote workers, they move around from week to week, month to month, or stay put in one place for longer. They make a living by working digitally as customer service representatives, salespeople, content creators, videographers, virtual assistants, social media managers, etc. All they need is a laptop and a stable internet connection to get their job done.

Digital nomads work online, usually for a company from their home country. This is why they do not need a work visa to work and travel to another country. More and more countries are making it easier for remote workers by giving them their own residency category so they can extend their stay. Costa Rica is one of those countries.

How To Be a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica

When you enter Costa Rica as a foreigner, you will be given a tourist visa stamp on your passport. The length of time you will receive for your tourist visa will depend on your departure date. You must have a departure ticket booked to enter Costa Rica, even if you plan to stay longer or travel to the neighboring countries of Panama or Nicaragua. If you have a departure ticket booked for 90 days after your arrival you should receive the full 90-day visa. If you have a ticket booked for 30 days after your arrival, your visitor visa will usually be stamped to reflect that. Therefore, if you want the maximum time allowed, which is 90 days, you must book a departure ticket for 90 days after your arrival.

Upon arrival, you may want to move around the country to find the spot that best suits your needs or just to see the beauty of Costa Rica. Keep in mind that traveling to remote areas will mean that the internet speed will probably not be as good or as reliable as it is in bigger towns and cities. For those looking to live on the Pacific Coast, Tamarindo and Playas del Coco are good options for remote workers as these towns are well-established and populated, meaning more modern infrastructure is already in place. Many people have chosen these areas to base themselves while working remotely in Costa Rica.

If you plan to extend your stay in one of these locations, you will want to find a long-term rental. It is best to find Facebook pages with terms like “long term rentals in Costa Rica” or “long term rentals in Tamarindo”. These pages will help you find a place suitable for you to live and work.

Long-term rentals in Tamarindo or Playas del Coco are easier to find in the low season from May to December. This is also the time when you will find the best prices for a long-term rental in Costa Rica.

How to Obtain Residency as a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica 

Applying for the digital nomad residency in Costa Rica can be done completely online. It allows remote workers to stay in Costa Rica for a full year rather than the typical limit of 90 days. It is perfect for remote workers who want to establish themselves in the country for a longer period without having to worry about crossing borders to renew their visitor visas or accidentally overstaying their visas.

Along with the ability to stay in Costa Rica for a full year, remote workers under this digital nomad visa can open a local bank account. They are also exempt from paying local taxes in Costa Rica and can legally drive with their driver’s license from their home country. 

Digital nomad visa holders will also be exempt from import taxes when they make their temporary move to Costa Rica. They are allowed to import two vehicles, computers, and other work-related items tax-free. They can even bring their spouse and dependents with them to Costa Rica with this visa.

Those who successfully receive the digital nomad visa can apply for another year of residency when the first year is completed.

There are some requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for the Costa Rican digital nomad visa:

Valid Passport: You must have a valid passport at the time of application

Work Remotely: You must be employed by or own a company that is registered outside of Costa Rica, or freelance with clients that are outside of the country

Proof of Income: You must prove a stable income of $3,000 per month from a remote job or $4,000 per month if you are bringing your family

Proof of Health Insurance: You must have a health insurance policy that covers you for the duration of the visa term. The minimum coverage required is $50,000 USD. 

Immigration gives you two options to file for the digital nomad residency. You can use the digital platform called Tramite Ya or you can file in person at the Department of Immigration by requesting an appointment to file. To file online, you will have to create your account on the digital platform of Tramite Ya. Just be sure to have all supporting documents handy as you will have to upload them.

You can find all of the requirements and procedures for filing HERE

Becoming a digital nomad in Costa Rica will give you the opportunity to experience the culture for longer than the average three-month visitor stay. With a digital nomad visa, you can move freely around the country or put down some roots to really imbue yourself into the Costa Rican lifestyle. This can be easily achieved by learning how to search for long-term rentals in Costa Rica using social media, contacting a local professional, or even just asking around.

Digital nomads in Costa Rica use their time in the Central American country to explore the language, culture, and abundant nature. They get an opportunity to learn about Costa Rican culture and language. Best of all, they get a chance to learn what “Pura Vida” means for themselves in a way that no amount of research and reading could ever accomplish.

By Jennifer LaCharite, Costa Consultants International

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