Warning! Things to Check When Your AC Does Not Switch on

Summer is the time when your AC becomes your only lifeline. But what if it stops working? Imagine a situation when you come home (tired) from the office. And when you place the AC remote to turn on, alas, it disappoints you!

As a homeowner, you would never want your AC to malfunction after you switch it on. But did you know your HVAC unit would sometimes only refuse to switch on? If you have experienced such a situation lately, now is the right time to inspect yourself before calling a professional.

#1 Is the Air Filter Clean or Needs Replacement?

A dirty filter may resist airflow. It can also strain the system and make it more apparent to shut down due to overheating. Maximum homeowners must replace these filters every three months during the summer season. Not sure of when you last replaced them? Please consult a service provider for air conditioning repair Sparta to take professional advice.

#2 Are The HVAC System’s Power Switches On?

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Now, you need to know that two power switches are there for central ACs. The first one powers the internal unit, whereas another one does the same for the external unit. Both these switches must be switched on. Otherwise, the AC would not work. So, if you experience a scenario when the AC does not switch on after innumerable tries, go and check the HVAC systems’ power.

#3 Tripped Circuit Breaker

It might be an alarming issue if something like that happens. At times, when you use multiple appliances simultaneously, the circuit breaker tends to trip. It might happen when power surges are there post-storm. In such a condition, it is crucial to find the electrical panel. Check whether the AC switches are functional or not. If the circuit trips several times, consult a professional for air conditioning repair in Sparta immediately.

#4 AC Drain Line Gets Clogged

Do you know what might be the cause? Well, lack of maintenance overloads the system with moisture. As a result, it gets clogged with gunk. Ensure to keep the condensate drain line clear. The best way to do so is by pouring a mug of boiling water inside the drain pipe each month. But before doing anything like that, ensure you switch off the AC first.

#5 Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak is a serious issue when left untreated. So, when you face any such issue, it is better to consult a professional for air conditioning repair in Sparta.

Have you experienced any such issue and tried a quick fix, but nothing worked in your favor? Then now is the right time to consult a professional.

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