Washing and drying machine" recommended fully automatic washing machine.

Washing and drying machine" recommended fully automatic washing machine.
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03 November 2023

An all-in-one washer and dryer combines a washing machine and a dryer. It can be called a truly fully automatic machine. The most significant advantage of the fully automatic washing machine is that it reduces the use of space. The most important thing is that you can experience the feeling of being fully automated and get rid of dirty things. Put the clothes in and take out clean and warm clothes, unlike a washer and dryer set. Although they can achieve the same functional effect, when you put the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer, When I was doing this, I must have been thinking how convenient it would be if this were an all-in-one washer and dryer. You can get all these automated features in Haier's automatic washing machine. Let’s take a look at the features of this modern technology.

Washing and drying machine

Difference between manual and fully automatic washing machine

No doubt that washing technology has changed our lives but with the advancement of technology it has become more convenient.


To save space, and with housing costs now high, less space is needed for washing machines. Therefore, there are stand-alone washer and dryer sets that can be stacked to save space.

Save time; Haier automatic washing machine, automatically dries clothes after washing, so you don't need to wait for the clothes to be washed before taking them out and putting them into the dryer.

The price/performance ratio is high. Washing and drying machines generally use the condensing drying method. Most washing and drying machines can only be bought for the price of a condensing dryer, so the laundry function is included.


The drying method could be better. The dryer principles include direct discharge type, condensation type and heat pump type. Most all-in-one washing and drying machines use the condensing variety, which is less anti-wrinkle and energy-saving than the heat pump type. However, a separate heat pump dryer is highly costly.

No lint collector. Specialized dryers have a lint collection, and some have two or three layers of a group. Due to structural reasons, washing and drying machines do not have lint collectors, so the dried clothes will still accumulate dust. But it doesn't matter because much of this lint will be removed during the washing process. The problem is that the lint during the drying process will slowly clog the machine, so the washing and drying machine needs to be disassembled and cleaned in about 1 to 2 years. This is different from the dryer design is entirely different, with a dedicated cleaning channel.

Washing and drying capacity:

Washing capacity and drying capacity are different. The washing and drying capacities of an all-in-one washer and dryer are various. The drying capacity shouldn't be that big just because you see the washing capacity. A 10kg washing capacity is only about 6kg of drying capacity. So here's the question. I originally wanted to buy a fully automatic washing and drying machine. Now I've washed 10 kilograms of clothes. Do you want me to remove the 4 kilograms and dry them again? Therefore, if you have to clean about 10kg of clothes every day, this integrated washing and drying machine won't bring you much convenience. And if you want to automatically dry after washing, you can only think of this washing and drying machine as a machine with a capacity of 6 kg, but in fact, 6 kg is quite a small capacity.

Washing and drying machine buying guide

Here is a guide to use an all-in-one washing machine:

Washing function

Modern models come with various wash functions to suit items needing cleaning, from cotton and synthetic fibres to delicacies, wool and silk. It's a good idea to promote "quick wash" and "gentle wash" functions, which are helpful for easy-to-wash items and quick cleaning of small things. Theoretically, with "Quick Wash and Dry" mode, a wash cycle can be completed in 45 minutes. Haier automatic washing machine offers these amazing features.

Drum size

The larger the drum, the more laundry it can hold. For example, a bucket weighs 1 kilogram and can have a suit's worth of clothes. Their washing capacity must be consistently higher than their drying capacity. Therefore, if you set it to wash and dry, you should operate it according to the drying capacity and not overload it. Look out for equipment that can complete the wash and dry cycle in one go, so there's no need to set up the machine manually.

Spinning speed

Faster spin = faster drying. The faster and more water is dehydrated, the faster the clothes will be dry. This means it spins faster and reduces the overall drying time of your laundry.

Rotation speed is measured in revolutions per second (or "rpm"), usually between 1000 and 1600. If you want your clothes to dry fast, choose a machine with a fast spin speed of around 1400 rpm or above.

Noise level

If you need to do laundry overnight or live in a shared house where you might disturb others, it's best to find a machine that runs less than 50 dBA (the same noise level as a refrigerator). So, also look out for machines with "brushless" motors and acoustic panels.

From where you can buy this machine in Pakistan?

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