Washing Machine Service Center Jaipur

Washing Machine Service Center Jaipur
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 Common Washing Machine Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

The current population is heavily dependent on electronic devices for their day-to-day chores. This is primarily attributed to the increasing work pressure and tight schedules. Most of the household chores which was traditionally addressed daily now have specific hours allotted in the week as per the schedule or requirements. One such task is doing laundry. It is both tedious and time-consuming. Also, in case your washing machine breaks down it potentially becomes an issue. Reaching out to a washing machine repair service can be a headache when you already have a pile of laundry to address. Thus, the blog aims to discuss some of the common washing machine problems and the ways to troubleshoot them.    Common Washing Problems with Quick Troubleshooting Tips Vibrating Washer A minimal vibration in the washer is normal taking into account the huge pile of laundry it has to address. The major reasons for a vibrating washer could be an unbalanced load of laundry, the placement of the washer on an unlevelled floor, or the washer's feet not being properly locked with the floor. These are some of the simplest problems, so their solutions are also minimal. A vibrating washer can be addressed simply by: ⦁ Rearranging the laundry load, ensuring that it is loaded correctly. Check the instruction booklet for maximum load weight and always make sure that the washer has enough space for the clothes to move freely and is not too tightly stuffed. ⦁ Make sure you place the washer on a leveled floor or choose a thin piece of plywood under the washer to avoid stumbling.   ⦁ Make sure that the washer’s feet are in firm contact with the floor. Adjust the lock nuts in the washer’s feet to ensure that the feet are at a proper height. This can be done by tilting the entire machine forward onto its front legs with the rear legs about 3 inches off the floor and then setting the machine back down, post which the legs should adjust automatically. This helps to check the rotating of the washer’s feet on the floor.  Leaking Washer The main reasons for the puddles around your washer could be because of the loose water hose connection between the washer and the wall, worn-out washers or seals, or deteriorated drain hoses. These issues can be addressed by: ⦁ The loose hose can be due to the constant vibration that the washer might be undergoing, which could be addressed by simply tightening the hose.  ⦁ In case your washer is too old and is seen to lose its form, that is the primary reason your washer is leaking. It is an indication that your machine is obsolete and requires replacement.  ⦁ The deterioration of the drain hose over time in the form of cracking, abrasion, or other damage is another sign your washer is too old now and requires a replacement, as the hose lasts up to only 5 years before it wears out.  Washer Won’t Fill With Water  If you are unable to fill the water in your washing machine here are a few checks you need to make before calling a washing machine repair service near you: ⦁ Make sure that the water supply valves are fully open. In case they are closed, you just need to turn them until they are open to drain water into your machine. ⦁ Check out the inlet hose. It tends to get kinked with time and usage. If so, either repair them or replace them.  ⦁ If neither of the two is your problem, the inlet valve might be the cause. Repairing the same requires professional expertise. Thus, it is a sign for you to contact your nearby washing machine repair service provider. Hire a Washing Machine Repair Service Provider Now So as the blog guides, you can solve some of your washing machine's common issues easily. But, it is always advisable to call for a professional’s help when needed. Also, be sure you choose the right service provider to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your devices. Bharat Services is one such washing machine repair service provider in Jaipur that works on the principle of customer satisfaction. So, get rid of all your washing machine issues by contacting the best services for washing machine repair near you at Bharat Services now.   
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