Web 3.0 Development - Features Defining The Web3 Apps

Web 3.0 Development - Features Defining The Web3 Apps
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14 October 2022

The growth of the internet has been rapid over the years, accompanying the growth of various technologies, businesses, Applications, etc. Web 1.0 is the beginning of this ushered era and supported web pages. Web 2.0 created an interactive space with social connectivity and user-generated content. In the present day, this is the next evolution in the internet era, Web 3.0, which supports the concept of openness, decentralization, and large user utility.

Web 3.0 Development is becoming a new trend among tech businesses. The main features of this web3 app include

  • Decentralization: The decentralized network means the database can be stored in multiple locations. The data generated by powerful computing resources such as mobile phones, desktop computers, vehicles, appliances, and sensors can be sold through these decentralized data networks while they retain control over the ownership. 
  • Permissionless: As Web3 is a decentralization features network, there is no central authority or intermediary presence. One can participate in these network applications without any authorization.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML): Through these technologies, computers will be able to understand information. They help in producing more accurate, faster, and relevant results.
  • Connectivity & Ubiquity: As this is the evolution of the internet, the content will be more ubiquitous and connected. Web 3.0 will be increasing in people’s everyday life.


The Web3 app development has high potential and greater utility in today’s digital world. Pushing the capabilities of the internet to another level with Semantic Web, AI, and ML, the core of web 3 will have increased application and vastly improve user interaction.

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