Wedding Photography Poses to try on Your Wedding Day in Paris!

Wedding Photography Poses to try on Your Wedding Day in Paris!
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Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, making it the perfect place for a wedding. Having beautiful wedding photos from your special day is a must, and with the incredible backdrop of Paris, getting the perfect photo is so much easier. To make sure you get the most out of your shoot, here are some of the best wedding photography Paris poses to try on your wedding day. From classic poses to unique takes on traditional shots, you'll be sure to find the perfect pose for you and your partner to capture your special day. Let the romanticism of Paris inspire you to have the perfect photos to commemorate your time in the city of love. Keep on reading to know about these best poses!

Wedding photography poses to try:

The handhold:

The handhold wedding photography pose is a classic, timeless and romantic pose for couples to do during wedding photography. This simple pose is the perfect way to capture the love and emotion between the newlyweds. The couple stands side-by-side, holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes or sometimes they can even share a kiss. This pose can be done indoors or outdoors and offers lots of versatility with different backdrops and varied props to play with. This pose can also be easily modified to accommodate any couples' size, so it is ideal for plus-size couples as well. Whether the couple is newlywed or celebrating an anniversary, this timeless pose can be used to capture the special moment forever.

The walk away:

When it comes to capturing the memories of a wedding day, this particular pose is the perfect plot twist to an intimate and romantic wedding day photo. With the couple moving away from each other, the photo can convey their story with the idea that although they are starting new lives apart, their love will continue to stay strong and keep them connected. This pose also adds another dynamic element to the photo, as it allows for both members of the couple to be featured as opposed to just focusing on the bride or groom.

The stroll:

The stroll is perfect for capturing moments and memories during the wedding day. It involves the couple walking together and looking towards each other while taking a leisurely stroll in the surrounding areas. This pose is great for allowing couples to take in the scenery, have a moment of privacy, and create some beautiful memories that they can cherish for a lifetime. During the stroll, the couple can also exchange loving glances, which can be captured by the photographer for an even more special memory. When selecting a location for the stroll, couples should ensure that it has enough beauty and features to make the shots even more beautiful.

The piggyback:

The piggyback is a playful and memorable way to capture the unique bond of a soon-to-be married couple. In the pose, the bride and groom embrace each other close with the bride piggybacking onto the groom’s back. This pose creates an intimate moment between the couple and some photographers may even ask the couple to “ride the wave” and sway together.

The piggyback pose is a fun and playful way to show the natural chemistry between the couple while also being incredibly photogenic. By getting creative with your wedding photography and using the piggyback pose, your wedding photos will come to life and be a beautiful reminder of your special day.


Your Couple Photoshoot in Paris is sure to be romantic, magical and unforgettable. Capturing your special moments with the right wedding photography poses will make your photos timeless mementos of your special day. With so many amazing Parisian backdrops, there’s no shortage of beautiful options. Whether you’re looking for a classic pose or something more creative, these wedding photography poses are perfect for your Parisian nuptials. Choose from playful and fun poses around the Eiffel Tower or a more romantic stroll along the Seine with PIERRE ATELIER. Capture a timeless memory of your wedding day in Paris with these wedding photography

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