Welcome to Phone Daddy

Welcome to Phone Daddy
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27 October 2022

Are you looking for a new phone, tablet or watch? You came to the right place! Phone Daddy is here to bridge the gap between trustworthy and affordable tech products and everyday consumers. Our goal is to build trust and desire for upscale like new devices, which are good for your budget and the environment. We provide fair and competitive prices on preowned tech by cutting the ‘middleman’ out entirely and passing those savings on to you, the consumer.


All of our products have the same functionality as new phones, the only difference is how it looks cosmetically on the outside. Learn more about our grading scale at www.PhoneDaddy.com. To ensure the functionality of each phone, all products are checked by our experts to meet the Phone Daddy Certified criteria. No jailbroken, rooted devices, or activation lock. That means no surprises with our products, and if there are any, we have a one year warranty and 30 day return guarantee. At Phone Daddy, something we are passionate about is sustainability.


Smartphones produce 85% to 95% of their emissions from the manufacturing phase. This means that the most important action we can take is to fight back against the overproduction of smartphones. This cycle of overproduction creates an unsustainable road forward for the environment, and Phone Daddy is inspired to change this. In 2019 alone, smartphones contributed to 10% of global e-waste. By buying used, consumers can offset the carbon emissions from purchasing a new phone and reduce the amount of e-waste thrown away in landfills. If a used phone works like new and looks like new, shouldn’t it sell like new? Read more about used iphone

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