Welcome to the Innovative World of IICD Textile Design College in India

Welcome to the Innovative World of IICD Textile Design College in India
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The Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD) lays the groundwork for an extraordinary voyage into the world of textile design. When you enter our acclaimed textile design college in Jaipur, India, you will start on a unique and transforming adventure.

Unveiling the Artistry: IICD Textile Design College

We open the doors to a world bursting with colours, textures, and limitless creativity at IICD's textile design college. Our extensive curriculum mixes the richness of traditional Indian textiles with contemporary design nuances. As a student, you will learn about numerous textile methods, materials, and processes, including weaving, dyeing, printing, and surface ornamentation.

Unleashing Creativity and Sustainability

Our textile design college in india emphasizes not only creative exploration but also sustainable practices. We believe in nurturing designers who not only create stunning masterpieces but also understand the environmental impact of their work. At IICD, you will discover the art of designing with a conscience, incorporating eco-friendly approaches that promote sustainability and ethical practices.

Guidance from Visionary Mentors

Under the guidance of our experienced and passionate faculty, you will embark on a transformative journey. Our mentors are not only accomplished designers but also dedicated educators, instilling in you the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to push boundaries and explore innovative design solutions.

Exploring a World of Opportunities

Upon graduating from our textile design college, you will be equipped with a profound understanding of textiles, design aesthetics, and market trends. Openings into a diverse array of careers, including textile design, fashion design, surface pattern design, and more, will be within your reach.

Join us at IICD's textile design college to realise your potential to weave fantasies into reality, paving the way for a future where art, creativity, and technology coexist.


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