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We’re looking for a talented and passionate Full-time React Native Developer to join our team. We are at the forefront of technological innovation where we combine the latest techniques with deep industry management expertise to help clients capture the most value from data. Our passionate group of consultants along with every client we work with face challenges and toast victories. We have worked for many reputed clients i.e- Unilever, Nokia, Jindal Steel, Tata Steel and many more.

We are looking for a Full-time React Native Developer who is enthusiastic about React Native development and have a piece of expert-level knowledge in React Native and its core principles as well as React Native, React JS, etc. Your primary focus will be on the latest React Native Mobile app deployment, understanding of front-end development tools such as Babel, Web pack, NPM etc. If you are also passionate about React JS and JavaScript and looking for a React Native Developer job, we’d like to meet you.

What is React Native?

React Native is an innovative technology that has taken the world of mobile application development by storm. Launched by Facebook, React Native offers a unique blend of web and mobile technologies, allowing developers to build mobile applications using a language they are most comfortable with – JavaScript.

React Native serves as a bridge between the worlds of JavaScript and mobile application development. Unlike traditional mobile app development, which often requires knowledge of specific languages like Swift for iOS or Java for Android, React Native uses JavaScript to build a rich mobile UI from declarative components.

What sets React Native apart from other mobile development tools is its focus on delivering a native experience. Mobile applications developed with React Native don’t just work across different operating systems; they feel and look native because they are native. This technology effectively transforms JavaScript code into real, native components for both iOS and Android platforms.

Key Highlights of React Native

Code Reusability: React Native allows developers to write code once and use it across different platforms, thereby significantly reducing development time and costs.

Live Reloading: With the live reloading feature, developers can see the results of the latest change instantly without having to rebuild the entire app.

Community Support: Being an open-source project launched by Facebook, React Native has a strong, active community. This helps in continuously improving the tool and quickly resolving any potential issues.

React Native is the technology of choice for many big-name brands like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and Tesla. It’s a cutting-edge tool that is shaping the future of mobile applications, making them more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly. If you’re looking to tap into this potent technology, hiring a React Native developer could be the ideal move to bring your app ideas to life.

Who is a React Native Developer? 

A React Native developer is a specialized software professional who leverages the React Native framework to create dynamic and high-performing mobile applications. React Native developer jobs are in high demand, considering the rising popularity of this technology in mobile app development.

These developers exhibit expertise in JavaScript, including ES6+ syntax, and possess a deep understanding of React.js principles and node.js for backend development. They aren’t just developers; they’re creative problem solvers who transform ideas into tangible solutions that function seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms.

A typical React Native developer job description includes designing and implementing user interface components for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications, using the React.js framework and workflows such as Redux. They are skilled in interpreting graphic visual or interaction designs in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, along with an excellent understanding of React Native and its core principles.

Hiring React Native developers can significantly benefit your project. You might also consider hiring React.js developers who are skilled in the original library on which React Native is based.

What a capable React Native Developer can build?

The potential of a proficient React Native developer is limitless, as they can build nearly any type of mobile application, ranging from e-commerce platforms, and real-time chat applications, to location-based apps, and more. Whether you’re hiring React Native developers in Bangalore or anywhere around the globe, the end product can be as varied as the digital landscape itself.

E-commerce Apps

A React Native developer can craft seamless e-commerce applications that deliver a superior shopping experience. The react native node js developer jobs in this domain involve building efficient backends to handle the complexities of product inventories, user accounts, and secure transactions.

Real-time Chat Applications

Leveraging the power of WebSockets, a React Native developer can construct robust real-time chat applications that can support a multitude of simultaneous users.

Social Media Platforms

From like, share, comment features to push notifications, a capable React Native developer can build comprehensive social media platforms that rival the likes of Facebook or Instagram.

Location-based Services

If your mobile app idea revolves around location services (like Uber or Zomato), hiring React Native developers can be a perfect choice. They can incorporate GPS functionality, Google Maps APIs, and other location features into your mobile app.

So, whether you’re considering hiring React js developers or specifically looking for React Native jobs, remember that these professionals have the ability to build diverse and complex applications, providing an exceptional user experience across platforms.

What Are the Required Skills To Become A React Native Developer?

React Native careers have seen a steep incline in recent years due to the rising demand for cross-platform mobile applications. If you’re considering stepping into React Native developer jobs, whether in Dubai or any part of the world, it’s crucial to grasp both technical and non-technical skills that this profession demands.

Technical Skills Of React Native Developer

At the heart of every competent React Native developer’s portfolio is a solid foundation in certain key technical skills. These skills equip developers to handle the multifaceted demands of React Native developers jobs:


A strong grasp of JavaScript, especially ES6+ syntax, is indispensable for anyone interested in a career as a React Native developer. This language forms the core of React Native development.

React.js and React Native

Having a deep understanding of React.js, the library from which React Native was derived, and the React Native framework itself, is crucial. This includes understanding concepts like component lifecycle, hooks, and Redux.

Knowledge of APIs and Backend

A React Native developer should be comfortable working with APIs and backends. This may involve tasks such as handling REST or GraphQL APIs, or dealing with backend services using node.js.

Understanding of Mobile Application Architecture

Concepts like memory management, concurrency, and networking are fundamental to mobile application development.

Testing and Debugging

Developers should know how to test React Native applications using tools like Jest or Mocha, and debug using Chrome developer tools.

Non-Technical Skills Of React Native Developer

Besides technical prowess, a successful React Native career demands certain non-technical skills that complement the hard skills:


The ability to troubleshoot and solve problems is an important skill for a React Native developer, as they often have to find effective solutions to programming challenges.


Good communication skills are essential in explaining complex concepts to non-technical team members, collaborating with colleagues, and understanding project requirements.

Time Management

Cron job React Native tasks, project deadlines, or even managing the ongoing maintenance of an app requires efficient time management skills.

Continuous Learning

Given the rapidly evolving tech industry, the willingness to continuously learn and adapt to new tools, libraries, or best practices is a crucial trait for React Native developers.

Whether you’re looking to build a compelling React Native developer portfolio or seeking to excel in React Native developer jobs in Dubai or elsewhere, honing these technical and non-technical skills is a sure way to succeed in this burgeoning field.

About Us

CronJ is a product development company that solves problems in Video analytics, IoT, Industrial automation, Manufacturing 4.0, Smart Factory, Smart City, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility Solutions and supply chain consulting. CronJ is an accomplished technology consulting firm established in 2012. The main headquarter is in Bangalore with different branches in USA, Dubai and Netherland. With worldwide links we produce quality products and services, CronJ serves leading enterprises across key industries. Our passionate group of experts likes to accept challenges and toast victories. As we are advancing and evolving in a profound way, our team comes up with full of grandiose ideas.

Stages of the hiring process

Shortlisting Candidates

CronJ shortlists the candidates based on their profiles. We assess the numerous applications received. We prioritize the candidates with our unique criteria to suit the role. This screening of resumes marks the beginning of the recruitment process. Only 60% of the candidates clear the round.

Technical Skill Review

The candidates’ hold on the technology and its subject matters are assessed in the second round. The candidate has to go through a test for the desired role. Depending on the position, their expertise in the framework, programming, SQL, algorithms, and others are evaluated. In this cognitive assessment about 10% of candidates clear the round.

Techno-Business Screening

A developer not only must excel in developing the software but also must have a deep understanding of the business requirements. In the third round, candidates’ understanding of technology from the business side is analyzed. The candidate’s ability to tackle the creative and challenging projects are assessed with some exercises. Their real-time problem-solving capacity is taken into consideration. We get the top 4% of Talent in the round.

HR Round

In the final round attitude of the candidate is examined. The experience and commitment are looked into. Besides, the communication skills and the personality check also are considered to fit into CronJ and its team. Thus, we arrive at the set of top 1% talents onboard.

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