What are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products, and Why Are They Important?

What are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products, and Why Are They Important?
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Climate change and its global effects are prompting many companies in the apparel industry to become more eco-conscious. There are many ways to make a difference, such as using eco-friendly products and switching to eco threads.

But what does it mean to be eco-friendly, and why is it important? Keep reading to learn more about sustainable products and some tips to make your business friendlier to the environment.

Understanding eco-friendly

Eco-friendly is a term indicating that something is causing no or minimal harm to the environment. The term can be extensive and encompass various environmentally conscious aspects, resulting in confusion among consumers who want to start minimising their carbon footprint. However, more government bodies are overseeing goods and services being marketed as ‘eco-friendly’ to assure concerned consumers.

Why choose eco-friendly materials?

Switching to eco threads and other eco-friendly materials can reduce your environmental impact. These products promote safer chemical usage, minimising toxic exposure and encouraging using renewable energy and resources. They also help reduce the amount of water and air pollution.

Going eco-conscious is not only rewarding but also boosts your branding efforts. Using eco threads and similar products can give you a sense of satisfaction and confidence when you know you’re helping the environment. Discerning customers will be happy to know you are doing your part to save the environment, too.

Go eco-friendly with Coats.

Coats offers a diverse range of eco-friendly and sustainable products, such as sewing threads, yarns, zippers, and trims.

The EcoVerde line of premium corespun and textured sewing threads is the first 100% recycled line of its kind available globally. Despite being made from recycled materials, the threads still perform to the same high standard as the industry's leading non-recycled threads.

Using EcoVerde threads can help create a closed-loop system for garments and accessories that already use recycled polyester or other eco-friendly fabrics or materials. Various sources provide the waste plastic used in creating these threads, including industrial and post-consumer sources. PET bottles are a prime example of the recycled materials used in the production of EcoVerde threads. After collection, the plastic is sorted, cleaned, ground into flakes, melted down, and then extruded into the fibres and filaments that form EcoVerde sewing threads.

Coats intends to continue playing an important role in the recycled thread industry through our EcoVerde product range, which has a much lower carbon footprint than virgin fibres as it is composed entirely of recycled plastic fibres. We collaborate with industry partners to develop new innovations and sustainability initiatives. By working closely with our customers, we aim to create more eco-friendly products that benefit both us and society as a whole, as well as the environment in which we live.

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