What are the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic leather?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic leather?
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leather is commonly referred to as faux, vegan, or PU leather. Today, many people use this leather as it is highly fashionable, attractive, and cheap. It comes in a vast range of colors, textures, and finishes. It is used for making furniture, clothing, shoes, and luggage. This leather looks like real leather, but it is not made from an animal's skin or hide. Synthetic leather is usually made from polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). As plastic is used in the manufacturing process of synthetic leather, it does not biodegrade easily, but it is easy to care for and manufacture in large quantities. Simran International is the leading leather company in India. In this blog, you will read about the pros and cons of synthetic leather.

Advantages of Synthetic Leather:

  1. Natural leather products are more expensive than synthetic leather products. Hence, synthetic leather is best for those who want to spend less money but whose preference is leather. As closely as synthetic leather resembles genuine leather,
  2. The major benefit of this low-cost synthetic leather is that people can replace it every few years, like their furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. But for real leather, they have to spend lots of money.
  3. Synthetic leather is easily washable and cleaned with a damp cloth. Some leathers are durable, so they can be machine washed as well.
  4. It did not require too much maintenance and care.
  5. This leather is waterproof, and it won’t penetrate water as it has a plastic base layer. It is the best option for those whose leather is exposed to rain or humidity.
  6. Most importantly, when creating synthetic leather, no leather is harmed.
  7. It can be produced in any pattern, color, and style.
  8. Synthetic leather can be manufactured with a high-gloss finish.
  9. If this leather is exposed to the sun, it will not be damaged because it is UV fade resistant.
  10. Synthetic leather is stronger than real leather.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Leather:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic leather?

  1. Generally, the lifespan of synthetic leather is between two and four years. With the passage of time, this leather starts to break down, flake, and crack. The surface of this leather sometimes becomes dull.
  2. Synthetic leather is not environmentally friendly, as it is made of plastic and requires a lot of energy, chemicals, and waste.
  3. It is difficult to recycle or reuse.
  4. The major disadvantage of this leather is that it is easily torn or punctured.
  5. Synthetic leather does not have the same luster as real leather.
  6. It does not have the same smell as genuine leather, which is normally what customers prefer.
  7. This leather does not have real leather's similar hypoallergenic properties.
  8. Synthetic leather is not breathable, especially PVC leather.

Synthetic leather is the best choice for furniture and clothing, as this leather is cheaper than real leather. If the person properly maintains and cares for their synthetic leather products, then they will last a long time. But if the person wants a product that will last for many years, then they should go for real leather. Most importantly, real leather is made from animal hides, so it is eco-friendly and will degrade with age. Real leather gets faded with sun exposure and is available in few colors, but it is prepared using sustainable methods. Hence, the selection of leather, whether they want to buy synthetic leather or real leather, totally depends on the preference, budget, and maintenance needs of the user. Simran International is a well-known leather garment exporter that exports leather all over the world and is famous for providing high-quality leather to their clients.


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