What Are the Benefits of Using an Oxygen Concentrator?

What Are the Benefits of Using an Oxygen Concentrator?
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01 November 2022

The oxygen concentration in a room can be adjusted by a concentrator for the purposes of oxygen therapy. Compressed oxygen tanks are being replaced by these devices due to their many advantages. Also, there are portable oxygen concentrators that can be used in a car or taken with the patient on the go. We'll go over some of the benefits of using an oxygen concentrator and why you might want to add one to your treatment plan.

The concentrator functions like a filter to remove nitrogen from the air and raise the percentage of oxygen in a given space. The oxygen concentration can be adjusted from 21% (the typical indoor level) to 45% in 4% increments. In this way, a patient can get just the right amount of oxygen for their condition. Pulsed or continuous oxygen flows can be generated by oxygen concentrators. Concentrators are preferred by patients over compressed oxygen tanks due to the former's greater portability. Concentrators offer a convenient replacement for bulky oxygen tanks due to their small size and lack of compression.

Oxygen concentrator devices have many advantages, including reduced overall cost (a standard unit can be purchased for around $800) and increased safety (oxygen tank ruptures can result in a number of potential dangers). If a patient has an acute condition that only needs to be treated for a short time, a short-term oxygen concentrator rental may be the best option. Some models of portable oxygen concentrators even have a DC adapter that can be used while driving.

An oxygen room can be an efficient, convenient, low-cost, and safe option if you are undergoing oxygen therapy or will be in the near future. The devices are simple to operate and come with a variety of options for tailoring oxygen concentration and flow to each user's specific requirements. Some versions can even tell when a patient is inhaling, which greatly improves their efficiency and cuts down on maintenance costs. Concentrator filters benefit from this as well because they can go longer without being changed. The use of oxygen concentrators eliminates the need for patients undergoing oxygen therapy to transport bulky tanks of compressed oxygen.

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