What Are The Best Ramadan Beverages In The UAE?

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What Are The Best Ramadan Beverages In The UAE?

Ramadan is a month of fasting, reflection, and spiritual growth for Muslims around the world. In the UAE, this sacred month brings about a unique blend of traditions, culinary delights, and refreshing beverages that help to replenish and rejuvenate after a day of fasting. Among the plethora of options available, one beverage stands out as an iconic symbol of Ramadan in the UAE – Vimto. Let's delve into the diverse array of beverages to enjoy during Ramadan in the UAE, including the beloved Vimto, alongside the convenience of online grocery delivery services for seamless Ramadan preparations. 

Rediscovering Tradition with Vimto: No discussion about Ramadan beverages in the UAE would be complete without mentioning Vimto. This fruity, tangy drink has become synonymous with Ramadan traditions in the region. Vimto's popularity during this holy month can be attributed to its refreshing taste, vibrant color, and nostalgic appeal. Families across the UAE eagerly anticipate the arrival of Ramadan, not just for spiritual reasons but also for the joyous reunion with their favorite Ramadan companion – Vimto. 

Originating from the UK, Vimto made its way to the UAE and quickly captured the hearts and taste buds of residents. Its unique blend of grapes, raspberries, and blackcurrants, combined with herbs and spices, creates a distinctive flavor profile that perfectly complements the iftar (breaking of the fast) spread. Whether enjoyed chilled or mixed with ice, Vimto offers a refreshing respite from the day's fasting and is often served alongside traditional Arabic sweets and savory dishes. 

Exploring Diverse Beverage Options: While Vimto holds a special place in the hearts of many during Ramadan, the UAE offers a wide range of beverage options to cater to diverse preferences and tastes. From traditional favorites like Jallab and Tamarind juice to exotic delights such as Ayran and Qamar al-Din, there's something for everyone to enjoy during iftar and suhoor (pre-dawn meal). 

Jallab, a concoction of date syrup, rose water, and pine nuts, provides a rich and indulgent treat, while Tamarind juice offers a tangy and refreshing alternative. Ayran, a savory yogurt-based drink, is perfect for replenishing electrolytes and quenching thirst after a long day of fasting. For those seeking a more traditional touch, Qamar al-Din, made from dried apricot paste, is a popular choice known for its natural sweetness and nutritional benefits. 

What Are The Best Ramadan Beverages In The UAE?

Convenience of Online Grocery Delivery: With the advent of technology, preparing for Ramadan has become more convenient than ever, thanks to online grocery delivery services. Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles no longer pose a barrier to stocking up on essential Ramadan supplies, including beverages, dates, and other pantry staples. Platforms like Lulu Hypermarket UAE offer a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to browse through a wide selection of products and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. 

By availing of online grocery delivery services, families can focus on spiritual activities and quality time together during Ramadan, without having to worry about the hassle of navigating crowded supermarkets or carrying heavy shopping bags. Additionally, these services ensure access to a diverse range of beverages, including Vimto, to enhance the Ramadan experience and create lasting memories with loved ones. 


Ramadan in the UAE is not just a time for fasting and prayer but also a celebration of culture, tradition, and culinary delights. Beverages play a vital role in this celebration, offering refreshment, nourishment, and a sense of connection to cherished traditions. Whether enjoying the iconic taste of Vimto or exploring other beverage options, the spirit of Ramadan is truly reflected in the diversity and richness of flavors found across the UAE. With the convenience of online grocery delivery services, preparing for Ramadan has never been easier, allowing families to focus on what truly matters – coming together in love, unity, and gratitude during this blessed month. 

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