What are the different kinds of Artificial Intelligence?

What are the different kinds of Artificial Intelligence?
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Artificial intelligence in a basic sense is a combination of computer science and robust datasets to execute problem-solving. AI is rapidly growing with more powerful capabilities. AI has its influence in almost all types of industries. With its growing capabilities, it can be beneficial to acquire professional learning in this field. To help you in this direction, Artificial Intelligence Training in Gurgaon will guide you on the correct path. However, understanding the types of AI will give a clearer picture of existing AI capabilities and the long road ahead for AI research.

Different types of AI

1.    Reactive Machines

These are the oldest forms of AI systems that do not have many capabilities. They mimic the human mind’s ability to respond to different kinds of situations. These machines do not feature memory-based functionality. This basically suggests that machines cannot use previously gained experiences to inform their present actions. They do not learn. Besides, they only respond automatically to inputs.

2.    Limited Memory

Limited memory machines are adept at learning from historical data to make decisions. Almost every device around us works on this specific feature. All present-day AI systems, are using deep learning. In order to solve problems, they access training data that they store in their memory to form a reference model.

3.    Theory of Mind

Theory of mind AI is currently in the process of innovation. A theory of mind-level AI will better understand the structure it is interacting with by understanding its needs, emotions, beliefs, and thought processes. This field of AI is basically to understand human needs. AI machines will perceive humans as individuals whose minds can be shaped by multiple factors, for understanding humans.

4.    Self-aware

This is the final stage of AI development which only exists hypothetically. Self-aware AI is evolved to be so similar to the human brain that it develops self-awareness. It will not only understand and evoke emotions through interactions, but will also carry emotions, needs, beliefs, and potential desires of its own. Although the development of self-aware can potentially boost our progress as a civilization but also can lead to catastrophe at some stage.

5.    Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

This section of artificial intelligence represents all the existing AI. Including even the most complex and capable AI that has ever been made to date. Artificial narrow intelligence refers to AI systems that can only perform a specific task using human-like capabilities. These machines basically do nothing more than what they are programmed to do. Hence, offers a narrow range of competencies. Besides, these systems correspond to all the reactive and limited memory AI. Even the most complex AI that uses machine learning and deep learning to teach itself comes under ANI.

6.    Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial General Intelligence is the capability of an AI agent to learn, understand, perceive and function completely like a human being. These systems independently build multiple competencies. And further, develop connections and generalizations across sections. This results in a massive cut down on the time required for training. This makes AI systems just as capable as humans by replicating our multi-functional capabilities.

7.    Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

ASI is replicating the intelligence of human beings and additionally will be exceedingly better at everything they do. Owing to the greater memory, faster data processing and analysis, and decision-making capabilities.

After looking at different types of AI, you can see that AI is continuously in the stage of development. It is touching every knock and corner of the human mind. It is developing itself to mimic just the human mind. This approach will also lower the burden on human brains.


AI offers major benefits to all industries. From healthcare to banking or entertainment, AI has made its mark in all fields. AI is becoming the new dawn for today’s generation. Every appliance around us, somewhere or the other works on the principles of AI. Though, there can never be a good time than this, to acquire a professional in this field. To help you in this journey, Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Delhi will guide you on the correct path. Every growing industry is adapting AI to their business. However, to do so, they require a professional who is adept to work in this field. Therefore, a career in AI will add benefits to your future growth.

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