What Are the Long-Term Effects Of Male Circumcision?

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What Are the Long-Term Effects Of Male Circumcision?

Overview of the effects of male circumcision

Male circumcision is a procedure to remove the foreskin of the penis. The foreskin protects the penis. In recent research, doctors at Kingswood suggest that there are various long-term effects of male circumcision. Therefore, they recommend medical circumcision as it would help to treat diseases such as pathological phimosis (lichen sclerosis), recurrent balanitis or recurrent urinary tract infections. Moreover, other than medical circumcision at Penrith Medical Centre requests, circumcision is also performed for non-medical reasons, like parental preference and religious beliefs or to prevent certain diseases in future. Moreover, the circumcision cost is affordable, so men opt for this. The long-term effects of male circumcision are in detail in this article.

What is Male circumcision?

Male circumcision is one of the world's most commonly performed surgical operations. The procedure surgically removes a part or all of the foreskin from the penis. The doctors in Penrith recommend adult male circumcision as it provides substantial protection against the acquisition of HIV and prevents urinary tract infections, the transmission of some diseases, and penile cancer. Moreover, the long-term effects of male circumcision include better reproductive health, control of frequent orgasms, improvement in sexual functions, control of premature ejaculation and betterment in erectile function disorder compared to uncircumcised men. Therefore, circumcision in Sydney is very common, and people choose it as a safe option.

Why is circumcision performed in Men?

According to Kingswood Medical Centre, approximately one-third of males in the world have been circumcised for religious, cultural, and medical reasons as well as personal preference. Therefore, at Kingswood Medical Centre, an observational and prospective study was conducted that aimed to investigate whether there are any effects of male circumcision in adults. Thus, adult circumcision cost in Sydney is less, so men do not find it expensive and choose it as a precautionary measure against future complications.

Below are the effects in detail.

Is circumcision Necessary?

It is a much-heated debate about whether circumcision is necessary or not. We won't give our opinion but will present you with the view of GP Penrith. They found that the positive effects of male circumcision are more than the negative effects of male circumcision. Hence, they added opting for circumcision would prevent urinary tract disorders, penile cancer, and transmission of infections, including HIV. Thus, it is not necessary, but we can't outweigh the fact that there are long-term positive effects of male circumcision.

What are the long-term effects of male circumcision?

Circumcision has a number of reasons which are already mentioned above. Considering the expected medical complications, the adult circumcision cost is very low in Australia.

Below we will discuss the long-term effects of male circumcision.

1: To avoid tight foreskin

In adult men, circumcision is carried out when the foreskin of the penis is tight and does not retract this condition is known as phimosis. It is when the foreskin is too tight and does not pull back over the head of the penis. It may cause pain when the penis is erect, and, in some cases, passing urine may be problematic. Hence, males do not develop phimosis or para-phimosis after circumcision.

2: Avoids recurrent Balanitis

When the tip of the penis and foreskin becomes inflamed and infected, it causes Balanitis. The condition may also cause phimosis and, in some cases, also becomes scarred and inflamed. So, to avoid infection and inflammation of the penis, circumcision is very helpful. Moreover, circumcised men are at lower risk for Balanitis and human papillomavirus infection.

3: Lessens the chances of Paraphimosis

Paraphimosis is when the foreskin does not return to its original position. Thus, it causes swelling and pain in the penis. It may also be a result of a tight foreskin (phimosis). Therefore, immediate treatment is necessary to avoid serious complications of restricted blood flow to the penis.

4: It restricts the causes of Penile Cancer 

Cancer of the penis or penile cancer) a very uncommon type of cancer. In this cancer, a wart-like growth appears on the penis or under the foreskin. Also, it may cause bleeding, discharge or changes in the skin of the penis. So, circumcised men likely have a lesser chance of penile cancer. In addition, the female sexual partners of circumcised men have less risk of cervical cancer and chlamydial infection. Thus, the long-term effects of male circumcision also include minimum chances of penile cancer.

5: Prevents HIV 

Male circumcision is now popular in many areas as a public health measure to reduce HIV risk. In a survey among circumcision clinics, it was evident that circumcised men have a lower risk of acquiring HIV. And it also minimizes the chances of transmitting other sexual diseases. A report shows adult male circumcision reduces the risk for HIV acquisition in men by 51–76%. Thus, possible mechanisms by which male circumcision may protect against HIV infection include lower rates of penile injury during intercourse, fewer HIV receptors, and lower rates of inflammation and some sexually transmitted infections.

Some misconceptions about adult male circumcision

Despite these positive effects, there is a misconception that male circumcision may decrease male sexual function and satisfaction. Such as

  • Circumcision affects fertility.
  • It hurts sexual pleasure.
  • The size will reduce.
  • It causes problems with erection.

These are some common misconceptions due to which people need to avoid this surgical procedure. None of them is correct; instead, they are all myths.

How much does circumcision cost in Australia?

 Want to know how much does circumcision cost in australia?The circumcision cost in NSW, Penrith, Sydney and Australia are less. It concludes that these places are affordable for circumcision surgical procedures. And people travel to these places for adult male circumcisions because of better results and low cost.


Hence, from the above discussion, we conclude that circumcision has certain health benefits, such as fewer urinary tract infections, reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases, protection against penile cancer and a lower risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners. Also, it helps prevent inflammation of the penis and its foreskin and prevention of phimosis and Paraphimosis, which is the inability to return the foreskin to its original location. Moreover, circumcision also makes it easy to keep the end of the penis clean. Hence, at Kingswood Medical Centre, the adult circumcision cost is lesser than in other places.

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