What Are the Methods of using Technology in learning a new language?

What Are the Methods of using Technology in learning a new language?

Globalization has become the factor to shrink the world and place it on our palms in the shape of smartphones. The advancement of technology has made it all easier than ever. Without having to invest much time or much effort one can easily learn about the culture, language, beliefs and other aspects about a different nation or a region. Learning language has also become quite easy with the help of technology. Numerous online courses are available these days, which usually consist of video lessons and reading materials (PDF) and at the end of the course, the candidates are provided with certificates. On the other hand, a lot of online videos are available for free as well, which may not be as strategically designed as the paid ones but those certainly do the job well, if you know how to make those work. 

All in all there are a ton of technical tools that can be effortlessly helpful in learning a new language. In this article we have prepared a compilation of some of the technical tools that can help you in learning a language properly.

Technical tools to help you in learning a new language

There are certainly a number of tools available online that can serve the purpose just right. However, we have collected some of the most helpful technical resources to work the most efficient way in teaching a new language as well as in saving time and effort of the learners in the process. So if you want to learn a new language make sure to take help from the following tools:

YouTube Videos

YouTube always has a number of willing teachers making videos to teach multiple things to the needed learners. You can always find language tutorials for most of the popular languages. Using YouTube is quite easy as well, you just need your smart phone and a Gmail account along with an active internet connection to get started.


If you do have time to watch videos, you can listen to podcasts. On your way to work, on your way back home or any other time you want you can listen to a podcast that is based on teaching your desired language. Just as YouTube videos podcasts are usually free as well.  

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Various software and applications

Some of the language learning software have become the first choices of aspirant language learners. The convenience and efficiency of these software have made those widely popular. Software like Duolingo, LingoDeer, Babbel and more have been used widely because of their great features and benefits. However, these are mostly paid services, hence, not everyone can be able to afford the services.  

Online Dictionaries

Online dictionaries are one of the most helpful yet underrated tools that can help you in earing a strong grip over a language. Most of the online dictionaries are free, easy to use and do not even require an account to start with. It helps you in stacking up vocabulary and understanding the application of a word or a phrase better than ever.

Language games

Now-a-days there are a lot of games available that help in language learning. It is always to fun to play with those, however, those often have a very limited activities along with a limited amount of knowledge to offer. These can be a good choice for the beginners.

Among all the mentioned technical tools the online dictionaries can prove to be the best help. Online dictionaries are also the most convenient method of learning the meaning and the definition of a specific word or expression. It provides you with results in no-time and saves both of your time and your effort. Another help of the online dictionaries in learning a language is that it helps you in enriching your list of vocabulary.

The methods of taking help from an online dictionary when learning a new language

There are various methods that you can apply to use an online dictionary efficiently. It is very important to know the methods and implement those without fail. A list of the said methods are presented in the list below:

For stacking up new words in vocabulary

Collecting new words for strengthening up the list of vocabulary is one of the most important activities to perform when learning a new language. You can learn new words very easily with the help of an online dictionary. You can note down the words that you have heard in a day and look for their meanings if you do not know them. Due to the convenience of an online dictionary you will not have to go through the pages of a thick book. All you need to do is to type or paste the word in the search box of the dictionary and press enter. The meaning, definition along with the accurate grammatical explanation (if you choose the right dictionary) will be provided to you in no time.

For the help in enhancing writing skill

Gaining a grasp over writing skill of a language completes the area of knowing a language properly. Gaining the writing ability varies based on the stage that you are in. If you are in the very first stage of learning the language then your writing will only focus on forming words from letters. The level of difficulty grows with the stage that you are in. When you reach the advanced level, you need to start writing actively. And in this course the online dictionaries are the biggest help. While writing you can look for a word that is in your mother tongue and gain the meaning or word-to-word translation of the word presented right before you. You can easily incorporate those in your write-up without having to invest much time in the word-hunt.

For getting a better insight on the language

Just learning to speak in a different language and making the list of vocabulary long will not help in understanding the language better. For understanding a language better you need to learn precisely about the application of words and phrases in sentences. Online dictionaries can offer you that. Online dictionaries such as ALDictionary provide you with an application of the words and phrases that you have searched for. This feature lets you understand the application of a word in sentences and build your understanding stronger.

Benefits of using an online dictionary

There are many reasons why using an online dictionary is beneficial for a new language learner. Some of the benefits are summarized in this article and are included in the list below:

Saves extra expenses

Purchasing a paperback dictionary for learning vocabulary can be quite expensive. Moreover, if you are looking forward to learning more than one language one after another then you will have to end up buying more than one dictionary, which requires a whole lot of money. On the other hand, you will only need an internet-enabled device to take the help of an online dictionary. Free online dictionary services save your time and money like never before.

Can be used for more than one purpose

There are usually a lot of added features in the online dictionaries. ALDictionary even offers English to multiple language conversions in a single interface. Additionally, there can be word games, scrabble helper, word of the day and other attractive features to keep you entertained. Hence, learning can be very fun even while investing a little amount of time.

Can help you to learn by subjects

When you are learning a language it is best to learn the vocabulary by subjects. You can focus on a particular subject, such as animals, and learn the names quickly and easily. You cannot find this facility in the paperback dictionaries and it is always harder to look for something unspecific in the paperback dictionaries. 

Helps in enhancing literary skills

Using online dictionaries to learn vocabularies impacts the literary skills of the learners positively. Learning rapidly with the help of an online dictionary increases the focus of the learner on the built and structure of the language and enhances their literary skills critically, which helps them in learning the language faster.

From the above discussion it has become clear that Online Dictionaries can certainly help you in learning a new language faster and better. You can always look forward to gaining the assistance of an online dictionary when you are in an immediate situation. So, if you are learning a new language try to use an online dictionary already.

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