What Are Video Brochures And How You Can Use Them To Close Your Next Deal

The shift from print to digital marketing has brought forth various tools and platforms. And video is one of the most popular types of digital content that dominate the digital space. But if you want to combine the power of video with print, producing a video brochure is the clever solution you’re looking for.

What Are Video Brochures?

Simply put, a video brochure is a type of print marketing material that can be embedded with video content. They’re versatile collateral that varies in size. Whether you want to make small video cards to regular-sized video mailers or even portfolio books, it’s possible to package a video-integrated brochure that reflects your brand.

They also vary in terms of memory capacity, battery capacity, and print finishing (they can be glossy or matte, can be embossed or not). With such options, you can create marketing collateral that can give you the best return.

Why Make A Video Brochure?

Did you know that consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product or avail of a service after watching a video about it? If you embed such compelling content in something tangible, it becomes all the more remarkable — whether the recipient of your brochures are end customers or decision makers from businesses you’re planning to team up with.

Here’s why you should invest in them and how you can use them to seal your next deal.

They’re more effective. Today, the way people consume information has drastically changed. Our attention span is incredibly short and there are ust too many distractions that lure us away from the content we’re reading or watching. If you are trying to reach out to your audience with a product or service, a video brochure is a great way to make information more accessible and digestible. With simple taps on buttons, your prospective customer or client can get access to your video. And because you’re being more intentional and strategic about it (i.e. You’re sending your video content to audiences who are more likely to watch it), you can anticipate a better response rate. Just make sure that you’ve properly researched and determined your target recipients.

They’re a standout. Sure, direct mails are an effective way to target very specific audiences. But still, many marketers send out mails. And if yours isn’t unique, it can get lost in the clutter. Video brochures are not your average brochure. As stated, they can be glossy or matte-laminated. They can feature embossing and PMS colors. They can be designed to stand out while staying on brand. If someone receives a brochure like that, it’s highly unlikely that they won’t open it. When you’re able to pique their curiosity, you’re a step closer to getting them to take the action that you want to take.

They let you connect with viewers on a more personal level. A video brochure is conveniently customizable — not just in the way they’re packaged and designed but in the manner that it can be incorporated with video content that can resonate more with a specific audience. When properly made, you can let your recipient know who is behind your business, what your business stands for, and what your business can do for them more organically and genuinely.
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