What cats shed the least

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When we consider adopting a cat, we must consider certain characteristics of the different feline breeds to choose the ideal companion according to our personality, our home, and our availability of time and space. For example, some cats shed a large amount of hair that they will scatter all over the house, so they will need frequent brushing to avoid the accumulation of hair in the house and to prevent the formation of hairballs in the house. the digestive system of cats. Fortunately for many guardians, some breeds are characterized by less shedding and require simpler care for maintaining their fur and maintaining good hygiene at home.

What cats shed the least

If you want to know the 8 breeds of cats that do not shed their hair, we invite you to continue reading this article from Planet Animal. It should be noted, however, that not all breeds of cats that do not shed a lot of hair are not suitable for people with cat allergies, because about 80% of these allergic reactions are caused by the protein Fel D1 (present mainly in the skin and saliva of cats) and not by their hair.

Top 8 Cat Breeds That Don't Shed

Cat breeds that shed the least hair

The Sphynx

One thing is certain: the sphynx is not a cat that will leave you indifferent. He has the particularity of having bare skin, which gives him this particular, unique appearance. Choosing this breed is the assurance of having a cat that does not lose its hair.

The Sphynx cat, Nature Animal

The sphynx is only covered with a fine down. In terms of character, he is known for his gentleness and his sociability. It is a feline very close to its master, which generally does not show any aggressiveness. He will be an excellent companion for the whole family.


The Tonkinese is a breed descending from the Siamese,  which can also be seen in its dress. Despite his fluffy coat, he doesn't tend to shed a lot. He is known for his balanced temperament. With a friendly and lively character, he will be a perfect family cat.

Tonkinese Cat , Nature Animal , Cats

If you don't want to find hairballs all over your house, this is a great choice!

The Devon rex

The Devon Rex is a black cat breed with an atypical physique. Its features are also reminiscent of those of the sphynx. The Devon rex has the particularity of having thin skin and especially very little hair.

The Devon rex cat , Nature animal, Cats

It will therefore not require a lot of maintenance on the grooming side, even during the molting period. The Devon Rex is a mischievous feline that will surprise you. Lively and playful, he will be happy with a master capable of giving him the attention he demands.

Peter Bald

A cat that can be downy or hairless. Originally from Russia, his great appetite during his meals can be calmed by a puzzle or food maze that will entertain him.

And Bengal

Bengal enthusiasts can be reassured: in addition to its many other qualities, this breed is also one of the cats that lose their hair the least! Its leopard coat has a short coat that is easy to brush. In any case, this cat likes to spend time outdoors hunting and prefers to rest in height. It is therefore enough to arrange a small space for him to rest to avoid having too much hair everywhere.

Short-haired alley cats

If you are looking for a cat that will not lose its hair, it is better to bet on a short-haired feline. Among the so-called "alley" cats, you can also find what you are looking for. Color of coat, eyes, gentle and sociable character or rather lively and independent: the choice is vast. In any case, a long-haired cat will require regular maintenance (brushing, grooming, etc.) and will be dirtier.

Short-haired alley cats , cat , Nature Animal

In terms of temperament, it is difficult to predict the behavior of an alley cat: it will depend on his background. Unlike purebred cats, it is difficult to anticipate what his character will be, but he has more surprises in store!

The Abyssinian

This magnificent little feline has very fine qualities often appreciated by cat enthusiasts: affectionate, playful, cuddly… The Abyssinian also has a short coat, is very resistant, and, and of a very fine texture. So you won't have too many problems with your hair at home! It should nevertheless be known that this cat needs a space outside to flourish properly.

The Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a cat that could be confused with the Siamese at first sight. He is from Canada and the USA. Originally it was cut from Siamese with Burmese. It has the dress and eyes of the Siamese but is distinguished by its large ears. The Tonkinese are very intelligent and affectionate cats. He likes to play and has a great memory. He is also one of the cats that do not shed or only slightly lose his hair.

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