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Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Pod Review - Life's Merry! - Ecigclick

It is possible to summarise the invention that was introduced by the well-known producer of electronic cigarettes, Lost Mary Vape, as being huge, trendy, and rechargeable. On the market for vaporizers, it is a choice that is both stylish and economical. Fans of the pair will like the new edition because it has flavor variations that are lively and refreshing, as well as because it has an elegant look, is functional, and has a reasonable price.

The Lost Mary OS5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kit by Vapesourcing is a first-of-its-kind product in the market for disposable electronic cigarettes.


The top of the device is where you'll find the slot for the type-C charger. It can be difficult to lift the flap that covers the charging port on the device. It's only now that I've realized why the protective rubber cover on several of the devices I was asked to test had been ripped off. On the top, near the charging port of the Blueberry Elfbar,there is a light that indicates the level of charge in terms of its color. A green light indicates a full charge, a blue light indicates a medium charge, and a red light indicates a low charge. This convenient feature allows you to easily keep track of the battery level and ensure that your Blueberry Elfbar is always ready for your vaping sessions.

A material that looks like low-quality colored plastic has been applied to the front and the back. To offer it some degree of structural support, it has a stronger plastic covering that is matted around the top, the bottom, and the sides. The mouthpiece is composed of the same coarse plastic as the rest of the device, and it is quite easy to insert into your mouth. The mouthpiece itself has a texture that provides a certain amount of grip and is designed to fit your mouth optimally.

Recharging: USB-C Rechargeable (Charger Not Included):

You won't use up all 5000 puffs before the Lost Mary disposable runs out of energy and needs to be recharged because the 13ml capacity is a respectable amount of vape juice. There is a greater requirement to recharge this vape because the battery is smaller than those of some of the other disposables on the market. Recharging is as easy as using a USB-C cable to charge a mobile device. To let you know the device is charging, a little light on top of it blinks continuously. As the battery charges, the LED indication transitions from red to blue to green. When the battery is fully charged, it will blink a few times before turning off.

I was prepared to continue vaping to finish the remaining e-Juice in the tank when the battery ran out after approximately a half-hour of charging. A shorter amount of time can be spent vaping before the 650 mAh battery needs to be recharged.

LOST MARY OS5000 Nicotine Free Vape FLAVORS.

Let's examine each taste of Lost Mary vape juice.

Blue Cotton Candy Lost Mary Vape: Extremely sweet and frosty. It was a little too sweet to vape all day, however, I did enjoy a few puffs here and there. The taste is good. So you'll enjoy this vape if you like sweet, iced cotton candy.

Juicy Peach Lost Mary Vape: This flavor has a delicious peach flavor to it. On the inhale, it's tasty and sweet; on the exhale, it's chilly and peachy. Strong MTL impact with ice-infused sweet fruit flavor.

Pineapple Mango Lost Mary Vape: On the inhale, I can taste both mango and pineapple, says Mary Vape. It is so sweet and fruity that if you didn't read the product name, you may think it was a sweet and sour apple. Nothing out of the ordinary, no off-putting chemical flavor, just luscious fruit.

Strawberry Mango Lost Mary Vape: Surprisingly similar to the pineapple-mango flavor I adored. For an adult vaper who likes strawberry to pineapple, this is a fantastic option. a somewhat "darker" profile Still sweet, with traces of the mango and the additional fruit flavor.

Blueberry Ice Lost Mary Vape: The blueberry flavor is true, however, because there is less ice, it is less prominent. Although it is called Blueberry Ice, this flavor has a little less ice than any of their other fruit flavors.

Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary Vape: Having the opportunity to sample Blue Razz Ice, which prioritizes blueberries, was enjoyable. I can find a blueberry taste that makes me think of the Smoking Vapor Blueberry e-cigarette I used to enjoy.

Cranberry Soda Lost Mary Vape: This taste is a favorite of many team members as their top pick from this collection. Although it is not my favorite, I truly like it.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Lost Mary Vape: I'm not sure what they were going for with this flavor, but it fell short, says Mary Vape. Either Kiwi, Passion Fruit, and Guava don't blend well together, or the flavors were completely overlooked. There isn't enough ice to mask the unpleasant flavor, so it merely lingers on your tongue.

Strawberry Ice Lost Mary Vape: This strawberry ice vape, according to Mary Vape, is superb. The strawberry is so beautiful. It tastes like strawberry jam to me. Now that I'm licking it off my lips, I'm craving more.

Strawberry Piña Colada Lost Mary Vape: On several fronts, this one fell short. Forget about expecting to experience a sweet sundae flavor. The strawberry flavor is muted, it isn't very frosty, and something else, whose flavor I can't place, has taken its place.


There are some fantastic ones here if you enjoy sweet, frosty, fresh fruit flavors. Their flavors are icily cold in the majority of cases. The few people without iciness could have benefited from it. A few of these have fantastic, sweet fruit flavors that are similar to the flavor of a Vaal Max (sub-ohm vape that hit like a truck). You can get a nice MTL from it because of the tight and low airflow, but there isn't enough airflow for a DTL (Device to Lung) puff. Overall, Elf Bar Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape Kit is an amazing vape. The biggest event of the year, Black Friday is about to start, if you want to know more information at Vapesourcing, you can click on the link: https://vapesourcing.com/black-friday-cyber-monday-sale.html


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