What do you understand about WWW?

What do you understand about WWW?
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WWW stands for world wide web. It is a widespread abbreviation that you all might have used. However, not all users are well aware of www and its usefulness. So it often gives rise to a question- what is www? It is one of the most common and crucial entities of web search. Whenever you search for a website, you always need to use ‘www’ prior to the website name. It is also called W3 in short. If you are curious and want to know the fundamental information regarding ‘www,’ then you have come to the right place. Today, we will discuss what www is, which benefits us.

Understand the definition

World Wide Web covers all the public websites or pages on the internet. The users can access these through their point of internet use easily. Several backlinks or hyperlinks are incorporated in ‘www’ and help open different websites per the user search. Have you ever wondered how you open the correct website when there are numerous websites present in the database of the internet? It is by associating the website's link after the abbreviation ‘www.’

Information regarding websites can be stored on the internet in different forms such as texts, images, videos, etc. Therefore, the ‘www’ can be considered a small segment of the complete internet system that helps us get the required information.

The working of the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is the result of several decades of technological industry development. There are different resources, documents, and web pages on the internet. WWW can be considered a group of components providing users different kinds of information. This information can be in the form of documents, resources, and web pages. These pages are present on an international level or a global level. These are considered the central building unit of the complete system. You can get a particular hypertext or hypermedia from one end. Hyperlinks are also associated formats of WWW.

History of WWW

Tim Berners Lee built the World Wide Web. He was a brilliant British physicist who had been working on the system of WWW since 1989. He has a team of colleagues associated with CERN- the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which is present in Geneva. The main aim of their team was to integrate the technology and data to build a system that helps users in global communication. Furthermore, they wanted to build a system that could enable the users to get and explore information as per their preference. Initially, the name of WWW was WYSIWYG hypertext browser/editor. The first demonstration of the system happened in 1990.


The public launch of the WWW system happened in 1991, and since then, it has changed the way people look for information. It has transformed the ways of accessing information. However, till its launch, it was a royalty program. After that, it became royalty-free in 1993. Since then, people and businesses have been benefitting by this revolutionary technology tool.

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