What Exactly Is Minecraft?

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A retrospective overview

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Minecraft is a game of creativity that lets players create worlds or learn to survive in pre-created worlds.

Freedom. Expression. Creativity. Infinite. These are not the words you use to describe traditional games that you purchase from stores and put on a shelf to collect dust. Minecraft is a form of expression that has no true end. The game can go on as long as you have an imaginative mind. Many players of Minecraft know this and those who don't could be wondering the reason Minecraft is the most significant game of this generation.

To comprehend the reason Minecraft is a game that breaks the rules of traditional games, it is important to first realize that Minecraft is not a game, but rather a toy. Minecraft is the modern, digital equivalent of Legos. These digital cubes can be used to create whatever you like. While Minecraft is addictive in nature however, it is addictive for the good reasons. Minecraft is a medium for users to express their raw, unfiltered creativity, and lets you explore potentially untapped regions of your imagination and create things you wouldn't have been able to.

Minecraft Game Modes Explained

Minecraft comes in two distinct modes. Survival and Creative.

Survival Mode is the classic game. You start off in a randomly generated world and have to collect the supplies required to survive. You, the player build these supplies by exploring the world. While you explore caves, dungeons and vast over-worlds, it will be easy to feel a sense of accomplishment when you stop and take a look at the work you've created. Creative Mode provides you with endless possibilities. You can customize the world you create by using the numerous possibilities for creating a world. Those options range from customizing how massive the mountains can be, how vast the oceans are, and how large the oceans. You can even alter if there are any oceans in all. The world can be made completely flat, which gives you to create a blank open canvas to draw your creations. Or spawn a world with a top layer made entirely of TNT and watch it explode!

There are no limits

If you weren't able to grasp Minecraft before, you might be able to comprehend it now. These digital Legos are extremely popular and have a broad appeal. It can inspire anyone of any gender and age group. Minecraft's language is unlimited and universal. The power of creativity is unlimited especially in a digital universe where the only limit to your creations is yourself. The only limitation of Minecraft is time. It is, however, infinitely possible to use great shortcuts, cheats and walkthroughs to make Minecraft even more enjoyable.

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