What is a Data Center Broker?

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What is a Data Center Broker?

Datacenter Proxies are proxies that are located in large data centers and used globally across connections. They assign IP addresses to clients that belong to data center proxy pools and third-party cloud service providers, not to Internet service providers (ISPs). Data center agents are divided into shared and dedicated types and can be used for purposes such as anonymous browsing, accessing geographically restricted content, circumventing IP address bans, social media management, and monitoring competitors' advertising.
Data center brokers are generally cheaper and faster, suitable for many applications that require fast speeds, but with less reliability. Residential agents are more expensive and reliable than residential agents because they are based on real residential addresses, but have slower connections.
Data center agents can be used to crawl public website data, search engine optimization monitoring, price monitoring, access to geo-restricted content, and social media/cross-border e-commerce account management.
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