What Is a Mattress in a Box?

What Is a Mattress in a Box?

Although the mattress in a box may look like a personal description, it is more than just a mattress in a box. Do not worry, we come here to explain what makes a mattress in a box different from a normal mattress. The benefits of choosing a mattress for the box will also be discussed. Box mattress options are available for all bed sizes such as king mattress in a box, queen mattress in a box, etc. In most cases, you can use a square cloth with the linen and wet towels you have.


What is a mattress in a box?


The mattress in the box is like a regular mattress. The only difference is that it is placed in an airtight container and inverted before being removed. Then put in a box the size of a small refrigerator for shipping. When it arrives, this clean box is easier to handle than a traditional mattress. This type of shopping allows you to choose clothes online and have them quickly delivered to your doorstep. Obviously, layers in water cannot translate into these extreme forms. The most common type of bed is memory foam, but there are also many latex foam and linen fabrics on the market.


How Does Mattress in a Box Work?


The mattress in the box provides an updated version of the original type of mattress purchase that eliminates the need for shopping. When you get your mattress rolled up, you just need to take it out of its packaging, lay it down and let it rise. The foamy appearance of the mattress indicates that your mattress in the box will regain its original shape as soon as it is assembled. All of these methods allow us to bypass shipping traditional mattresses and transfer the money to you.

Advantages of Mattress in a Box




The option to order online allows you to compare prices and features when you buy a mattress without leaving home. Once you have chosen the perfect mattress, just wait for it to arrive. Since it is packed in a tight box, you can easily pick it up and transport it wherever you need it.


Easy assembly


Wondering how to move the mattress? You do not have to worry about taking a large mattress up or down the stairs or sliding it through a narrow door frame. The neat shape of the box makes it easier for the mattress to move around your bedroom.




Choosing a box spring mattress over a traditional mattress does not mean sacrificing versatility. Choose from our selection of Original, Element, and Wave Hybrid mattresses to find the intensity level that supports the sleeping position you want.




Buying a box spring mattress from an online mattress company eliminates the middleman, leading to cost savings for you. In addition, you do not have to worry about paying extra for shipping and delivery from the mattress store. Choosing a box spring mattress allows you to get the same high-quality mattress that you would get in the store, but often for a lower price.


Easy Return


If you decide you do not like your Casper mattress for 100 nights free trial subscription, you can return it for free. Contact us and we will work with you to return or replace a mattress.


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