What is an Enteral Feeding Set?

What is an Enteral Feeding Set?
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What is an Enteral Feeding Set?

An enteral feeding set is a non-sterile, latex-free bag that you can use for administering enteral nutrition or medication. It can be used with a feeding pump or gravity system and comes in either 500 or 1000 mL.

The FDA is warning health care providers and caregivers that tubing from enteral feeding delivery sets can get wrapped around a child’s neck and cause strangulation or death. Be sure to take steps to prevent this.

What is an Enteral Feeding Set?

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AMSure Enteral Feeding Pump Sets

AMSure enteral feeding pump sets such as enteral feeding bag are designed to deliver the best patient outcomes. They are intended for administration of enteral nutrition, fluids or medication and are available in a variety of configurations. These include bag and spike pump sets and gravity sets. Each set includes a feeding tube transition connector already attached, which increases safety by preventing incorrect connections.

Using a enteral feeding set can be challenging for many patients, especially those who are unfamiliar with how to use one. However, there are a few simple tips that can help make this process easier for both the patient and their caregivers. For example, the formula should be kept at room temperature, as cold formula may cause discomfort and upset stomachs. In addition, the feeding tube should be properly connected to the set so that the formula doesn't leak out.

The Amsino Alcor AMSure 1200 mL Enteral Feeding Bag with Spike Pump and Magnet comes with an ENFit connector and transition connector for increased safety, as well as a secure lock tip which reduces the potential for inadvertent tube disconnections. It is non-sterile, latex- and DEHP-free and is compatible with Sentinel enteral feeding pumps. The ready-to-use enteral feeding bag set is also available with a magnet option for Kangaroo Pumps. These sterile and DEHP-free bags have a graduated marking on the side to assist with measuring accurate doses of enteral nutrition.

Sunrise Enteral Feeding Sets

The Sunrise Enteral Feeding Sets line features an assortment of quality-tested products that provide patients with a safe and effective way to administer nutrition. With a secure lock tip and patented in-line occluder, these sets help ensure that formula, fluids, or medication doesn’t get contaminated. The smooth ridged tip helps prevent accidental disconnections, and the translucent bag reduces the chance of misconnection. The luer tip features easy-to-read graduations and an anti-microbial coating to prevent contamination.

The FDA has received two reports of strangulation with enteral feeding tubing, and has cautioned health care providers to avoid leaving the tubing around a child’s neck. While this type of strangulation is relatively rare, it does happen.

Amsino Amsure Enteral Feeding Sets

Amsino Amsure's 1200 mL Enteral Feeding Bag with Attached Pump Set is the best of the best. It is available in both sterile and non-sterile varieties. The best part is, the aforementioned feisty is BPA and latex free, making it more of a pleasure to use. It is also the most cost effective way to administer enteral nutrition in a hospital setting. It has a purple colored luer lock tip that provides a secure and tight lock. This makes it the smartest choice for the patient and caregiver. The aforementioned luer-lock also boasts smooth ridge tips that do not damage the feeding tubes. It is also a safe and convenient way to deliver your favorite foods. It is also the smallest and cheapest of its kind on the market.

What is an Enteral Feeding Set?

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Covidien Kendall Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding Bag Sets

Kendall Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding Pump Sets are a great choice for patients who require a feeding and flushing system. They are DEHP free and incorporate an anti-free flow safety feature. They are also designed to be single patient use, so they are a great option for caregivers looking for a reliable and safe product for their patients.

The Covidien Kendall Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding extension set are made of PVC that does not contain the chemical DEHP, which makes them safe for those with an allergy to DEHP. They are also made with a rubber overmold that gives them shock resistance and added durability.

These bags have a capped opening on the top to facilitate easy filling and are also available in sterile and non-sterile options. The bag is also large enough to fit over a Kangaroo Joey pump and are easily portable.

The Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding pump is the first hydrating and ambulatory feed and flush device. This ensures clinicians that they are providing accurate and reliable function while patients receive the freedom and mobility that they deserve.

This feeding pump features an ATM style interface that guides the user through programming. It recognizes the type of pump-set that is loaded into it and then asks questions that are appropriate only for that set. This makes it easier to program, use and in-service allowing more interaction with patients.

In addition to its ease of use, the Covidien Kendall Kangaroo joey enteral feeding pump has a 72-hour history that informs the user how much formula has been infused over a certain period of time. This can help ensure that the right amount of formula is being infused for each individual patient.

Lastly, these pump sets are DEHP free and have an Anti-free flow safety device that prevents the formula from flowing if the bag is not loaded correctly. This helps reduce the risk of spills and tampering, which can be dangerous for the patient.

The Kendall Kangaroo joey entryal feeding pump is a great option for both hospitalized and mobile patients. Its simple to use interface makes it a great choice for most caregivers and patients. It is also a great choice for those with a limited budget since it is less expensive than other enteral feeding pump models.

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