What is CCTV and how does it work?

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What is CCTV?

But today progress is being seen in the field of engineering or IT, new technology is being invented in front of the people in the world, which is proving to be very helpful in the common life of the people.

One of them is CC TV, which keeps an eye on every activity of the people, be it at home or mall or bank, any kind of office, big or small shop everywhere.

You definitely get to see this CCTV Camera, which stores the data in its computer server or any storage device saying all the activities happening in front of the camera, so we know what is the full form of CCTV and CCTV cameras. Let us know in detail what is CCTV in Hindi or information about CCTV cameras.

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What is CCTV?

The full name of CCTV is the Closed-circuit television camera, which was first used on a rocket launch in Germany in 1942, after which it was used publicly all over the world.

This is a type of camera that you can install at your home, shop, office, etc. Apart from this, today you will find its use everywhere like banks, railway stations, airport roads, etc.

This camera is used for security and monitoring any activities. This camera, being on for 24 hours, shows the activities happening in front of it in the form of video on any TV with the help of live wireless or wire.

Along with this, it also stores all the video footage in its main server i.e. storage device, which you can watch and share as many times as you want, any day and time, from anywhere.

Along with this, it is able to record video not only in daylight but also in the dark of night, which is possible because of infrared (IR) technology.

Types of CCTV

On the basis of technology, if we talk about CCTV cameras, then it is known in three parts, which named.

  • Analog Camera
  • IP camera
  • Wireless Camera
  • Analog Camera

By the way, all are similar in appearance, but slight differences can be found in the way of working, only if we talk about this camera, it gives us the option to watch TV live.

In order to check the footage being recorded by it, we need DVR i.e. Digital Video Recording, whose work is analog. The signal has to be converted into a digital signal.

IP camera

Its full name is Internet Protocol, which is also called a digital camera, it is identified by IP.

To check its footage, we need NVR, whose full name is Network Video Recording.

Wireless Camera

As its name suggests, we can see its live footage without the help of any wire, the same camera works with the help of IP and Wi-fi technology.

We can see live footage of cameras sitting in any corner of the world on a laptop smartphone etc.

  • Another type of CCTV camera
  • Dome Camera
  • This camera is named because of its texture, which looks exactly like a dome. This camera is mostly used indoors such as in small shops, home offices, etc.

This type of camera is applicable indoors and outdoors, apart from this it is Vandal Resistant, and it is made from a special material that is solid.

The lens of this camera can rotate in any direction, it is weatherproof and it is good for the night as well.

Bullet camera

Installing this camera is very easy and its video quality is more as compared to the dome, as well as it remains stable in one direction only.

Night vision is available in this camera as well as it is used more outdoors.

C-mount CCTV Camera

This camera was designed for inside the house or office, but we can install it outside as well, it is a bit bigger in size but the quality is very good.

Day/Night Camera

This camera does not work well in complete darkness, but it works in low light. This camera takes color pictures during the day, but the pictures in the dark are black and white.

It has been designed for outdoor and it uses HDR technology in its high model.

PTZ CCTV camera

We can control this camera remotely, as well as we can move it in a 360-degree direction, it also has the feature of object tracking which changes direction by tracking the object.

It has clear view data up to 200 meters at night as well as it comes with X 36 optical zoom. You can see the demo of this camera in this video.

HD Camera

This type of camera is placed in a very alert area because this camera keeps the focus constant while zooming and the quality of its picture is very good.


This type of camera is made to follow car parking, toll gate, and traffic rules, which recognize the number of any vehicle.

This type of camera is used in big cities, as you must have heard that in any big city, on breaking the traffic rule, the challan reaches home, this is possible with the help of this camera.

Infrared Dome CCTV Camera

This is an infrared dome camera, which is used in places without light or low light, it can also be called a night vision camera.

Which records a black-and-white picture in the place without light, which is due to the infrared mode being on.

On the same daytime, this camera records a very high-quality color picture.

Advantages of CCTV

You know what is CCTV, now we know what are the benefits of CCTV in the end.

CCTV is useful in monitoring your home, office, or any other place, you can keep surveillance through the camera installed around you while sitting.
CCTV also shows and saves all the video footage live so that you can watch that footage again whenever you want.

Through this, you can monitor your property even when you are away from your home.
Due to its small size, it can be installed anywhere in the home or office.
In today's CCTV, you can zoom in on any remote area and keep an eye on the activity.
With this, you can buy both online and offline.
Through this, you can extract footage of theft or any type of crime in the range of your camera, and it helps a lot in the investigation of the police.

How long does the recording of a CCTV camera last?

If we talk about how long the recording data is saved in our storage, then it completely depends on the type of camera you are using and the storage capacity of your footage.

Along with this, it also depends on the setting, generally, people save any footage in storage for 15 to 30 days and the storage is freed from time to time because the camera keeps storing the footage continuously.

Due to this, the storage can also be full, if you use a camera with fewer megapixels, then more data can be stored at a time, if you record HD and high-quality footage, then it is obvious that the storage will fill up soon. .

Basic Components of CCTV
Security cameras (analog or digital)
A video recorder (DVR or NVR)
Storage unit (Hard disk, etc.)
A display unit (LCD, Monitor, TV, etc.

Where are CCTVs used?

If we talk about the use of CCTV cameras, it depends on whether you are using it for surveillance of a place, although this is someplace where CCTV is mostly used.

  • schools
  • office
  • railway station
  • train
  • public transportation
  • Near Traffic Signal
  • airport
  • cinema halls
  • hospital
  • Domestic use
  • Home
  • compound
  • Working Site
  • City Roads and Highways
  • stores
  • Police station
  • In Nation Park (to track animals)

Apart from all these, there are many places where CCTV is used which you can understand.

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