What Is Child Identity Theft?

What Is Child Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a rampant problem especially now that there are so many ways to get vital information from people. From skimming credit cards to sending phishing messages to just stealing information from certain databases. But what is child identity theft?

One of the most alarming cases of identity theft is when it occurs on a child. If your two-year-old for example has been getting calls from credit card companies or other banking institutions, you better check what's going on because someone might be using your child's name.

This crime occurs when a child's identity or name is used by an individual for the latter's personal gain -personal financial gain to be exact. What is worse is the perpetrator can be a member of the child's family. Another possible scenario is the use of the child's identity by a family friend. According to authorities however, the perpetrator could also be someone that the family of the child does not know.

Why a child's identity though?

Authorities say this method is chosen by criminals because it takes time before the crime is discovered. Although there are cases that may appear as child identity theft, e.g. receiving a pre-approved credit card under your child's name, parents should still beware of this crime. Child identity theft occurs when your child's Social Security Number (SSN) is utilized in establishing new lines of credit.

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The question is, how is this possible? Many do not know that creditors cannot verify the age of their applicants. Most application forms are taken at face value. This is a flaw in the system but there is yet another flaw that the government should take a look at. The credit reporting agencies and the Social Security system do not share information with each other, making it impossible for the CRAs to know that certain applications are fraudulent. This means that a perpetrator of this particular crime can say he or she is 30 and the CRAs will believe him or her unless of course someone files a complaint. Avatar HD

Parents of the victim are the first ones who would usually notice something is amiss. This usually happens when the parents of the child try to open a savings account under the child's name but are denied because of a bad credit record. Another flag is when parents keep receiving checks, credit cards and bills under the name of the child. Avatar 2 Filem More often than not, parents discover that their child's identity was stolen when they start receiving calls from collection agencies or when they start receiving letters about certain bank accounts that were not opened by their child.

Trouble later in life

Adults whose identities were stolen when they were children are usually denied credit and won't be able to get a loan even if they never incurred any debt from any banking institution. Avatar 4K They are also usually denied utility or phone service and sometimes even tenancy. This crime can really affect a person's life and might even get arrested for something that they do not even know about.

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