What is CNG? – A Short Guide| How Does CNG Fuel Work?

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What is CNG? – A Short Guide| How Does CNG Fuel Work?

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CNG, also known as compressed natural gas, is an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline. Made by compressing natural gas (methane) down to less than 1% of its volume, CNG fuel is safer than gasoline and diesel because it is non-toxic and does not contaminate ground water. This natural gas is the same gas that you use daily to heat your home and water, cook on the stove and even to dry your clothes in a dryer. The use of CNG fuel is becoming more popular with both commercial and non-commercial vehicles.

How Does CNG Fuel Work?

  1. Vehicles like this garbage truck are specially built to run on CNG fuel.
  2. Compression devices are installed and connect to existing natural gas pipes.
  3. Natural gas is compressed and ready to be used as CNG fuel.
  4. Trucks hook up to hoses, fuel up, and are ready to go each morning.

What are Some Other Benefits of CNG Fuel?

There are many benefits to using CNG. Natural gas vehicles can reduce noise by as much as 50% compared to diesel vehicles, making it quieter when trucks go down the street. Not only does it make vehicles quieter, it can also lead to more jobs being created. For every 1% increase in natural gas production, roughly 35,000 jobs can be created.

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