What is Copper Plumbing Tube?

What is Copper Plumbing Tube?
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05 January 2023

Copper plumbing tube is an essential part of the piping system of many buildings. It is available in various sizes and shapes to meet any needs. In addition, copper is extremely corrosion-resistant. This means that it is ideal for both water and drainage applications.

Historically, copper has been used as a water pipe for domestic use, and it's still a popular choice for those who want to conserve energy. Today, it is the most commonly used material for plumbing in North America and the developed world.

Applications of Copper Plumbing Tube?

Copper is also an excellent conductor of heat, which makes it a good material for electrical wiring. However, it can be prone to oxidative degradation, resulting in premature failure. Therefore, choosing a piping material that is not prone to oxidative degradation is important.

Copper is also highly corrosion-resistant in most underground environments. However, it is possible for copper to leach from the wall of a pipe in rare circumstances. For this reason, it is recommended that copper plumbing tubes be tested to ensure they perform their duties.

There are two main types of copper plumbing tubes. The first is made of drawn temper (hard) coils, and the second is manufactured in annealed temper. Both are available in straight lengths or coils, each designed to meet specific American Society for Testing and Materials specifications.

A copper Plumbing Tube is usually used for drainage, plumbing, and jointing applications. Its resistance to corrosion and light weight make it a practical choice for plumbing. Additionally, it is suitable for solar and fire-protection applications. Unlike plastic pipes, it does not emit potentially harmful vapors.

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