What is Google Skill shop?

What is Google Skill shop?

Google Skillshop is an online platform where you can follow free training courses for various Google products. You can then also get certificates with this. This is especially interesting for novice online marketers who want to work with Google Marketing. There are courses for Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Marketing platform and more.

When you start with Google Ads, this can be difficult if you have no experience with it. When you open this for the first time you probably don't know what you see. It's very difficult to do this right right away if you don't know what you're doing. That's why Google has been kind enough to put free courses online for starters. The following certificates can be obtained:

  • Google Ads Search Certification: In this course you mainly learn the basics of search ads within Google Ads and how to create and manage Google Search campaigns.
  • Google Ads Apps Certification: When you work with apps, you can take this course to create app campaigns.
  • Shopping ads Certification: You also have a separate course for Google shopping where you learn about Merchant center
    What is Google Skill shop?
    To be able to use the possibilities that Google Shopping offers, you need a Google Merchant Center account. In addition, you must have at least one product feed that meets the requirements of Google..
     and the shopping ads that go with it.
  • Google Ads Video Certification: Google Ads Video is equivalent to YouTube Ads. You will learn about creating your video campaigns here.
  • Google Ads - Measurement Certification: In the measurement certification you learn how to analyze and use your Google Ads data.
  • Google Ads Display Certification: Display within Google Ads is also a separate branch that requires a course.

When you have obtained all these certificates, you can start your Google Ads campaigns with confidence. It will get you on your way to your first successful campaign. Are you an agency and do you want to be a Google Ads partner? Then your employees will need these certificates to get them. In fact, at least 50% of your company will need to have search, shopping, video and display certificates by 2021. And if want to learn more about google skillshop and how to downlod Certification. 

Analytics Academy

Google Analytics is a must for every online company with its own website or webshop. When you are active online, you can hardly do without Google Analytics to analyze your data. Fortunately, there are also courses available for this. The following courses fall under the Analytics Academy:

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Discover the new version of Google Analytics
  • Become a tag expert

The combination of these 3 should be enough to teach you the basics of Google Analytics and also to install your tags.

Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform consists of various Google apps where you can follow courses. It consists of:

  • Display & Video 360: This is about the more extensive display and video ads that are not limited to the Google Display Network. More is also possible here in the form of rich media.
  • Search Ads 360: With search 360 you can manage search campaigns on different networks such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Campaign manager:  This also includes a course for the campaign manager.
  • Google Web Designer: With the Google Web Designer you can, for example, create HTML banners for your Display campaigns.
  • Creative: In the Creative course you will learn about the different types of creative ad formats.

In addition to all these courses, there are several other courses within Google's Skillshop. You can find courses on:

  • YouTube: This mainly concerns the managed music, media and business partners and for partners with Content ID. The normal YouTube training courses can be found in the Creator Academy.
  • Waze Academy: Courses for Waze Ads.
  • Google Ad Manager: A course on Google's new Ad Manager. This is mainly about advertising revenue.
  • Authorized Buyers: Courses for Google's Authorized Buyers System.
  • AdMob: AdMob courses are about the ads you can show in your app to earn money.
  • Google for Education: This is a course for teachers.

Do you have trouble with the Google Skill shop or have more questions about this?


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