What is Sinus? | Problems with sinuses

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01 January 2023

Sinuses are saviors of the eye and brain.

What Are Sinuses?

The sinus is an air-filled pocket or cavity located near the nose.

Functions of Sinuses

Why do we need sinuses? Won’t its absence remove the sinus problem?

Sinuses are unsung heroes that act as bumpers to the brain and eyes. Therefore, we will hardly see a person damaging his eye or brain when he falls forward. They are kept in such a perfect position that sinuses take the hit when we fall forward. These sinuses are located in front of the brain and around the eyes. Therefore, we will hardly see a person damaging his eye or brain when he falls forward. Our head is designed to shift energy forces from the eye and brain to the sinuses when we fall forward, just like a perfectly designed car’s bumper.

What is sinusitis? Problems with Sinuses

Each sinus has an opening for the in and out of the air. The issue is that dust, virus, bacteria, fungus, and atmospheric air will enter and settle in the sinuses. To remove these settlements, the skin lining in the sinus keeps secreting fluid that comes out from the nose and goes into the throat. This fluid cleans our sinuses by flushing out unwanted particles. Fluid stagnation can occur if the sinus opening through which fluid flows is smaller than it should be. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi can grow in this stagnant water, causing sinusitis (infection and inflammation of the sinuses).

Sinusitis due to allergy

If an individual is prone to allergies, our body releases more fluid to remove the foreign particles. Thus a person with an allergy carries a higher risk of sinusitis due to the increased secretion of fluids.

What are sinusitis symptoms?

Common sinusitis symptoms

Sinusitis symptoms that occur commonly are

  1. Runny nose
  2. Nose block
  3. Headache
  4. Facial pain
  5. Phlegm oozing from the nose to the back of the throat and thus a need to clear the throat.
  6. Sore throat
  7. Frequent attacks of cough

Rare Sinusitis symptoms

In rare cases where the infection is neglected, we can see symptoms related to eyes like

  1. Redness of the eye
  2. Watering of the eye

It is not just important to know what symptoms of sinusitis are but also to understand the behavior of the symptoms.

You can read our article dedicated to sinusitis symptoms by Dr. K. R. Meghanadh. Here you can even read why the above symptoms occur.

Sinusitis treatment

Most sinusitis patients might require gentle treatment, but a few and the neglected ones might require surgery. The early you start the treatment simpler it is.

Refer to our “Is a sinus infection dangerous?” article to understand why we should treat sinusitis.

But, as said earlier, it is easy to treat sinusitis if we treat it on time, and a few home remedies can come in very handy.

Here are a few home remedies for sinusitis that can give you relief and control your infection.

  1. Small but many workouts daily
  2. steam inhalation
  3. Pinch of black pepper with turmeric and other spices
  4. Stay hydrated
  5. Adequate sleep.

We highly recommend you to go through the article “Sinusitis relief with home remedies” for more detailed information, as most of the tips here will burst myths and misconceptions and help you lead a healthier life irrespective of whether you have sinusitis or not.

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