What is The Approximate Cost of an eCommerce Website in India

What is The Approximate Cost of an eCommerce Website in India

Having an e-commerce site is a need for selling online. In many cases where it is necessary to bring in professionals, the question of eCommerce website Cost in India arises instinctively. Here's a full essay on how to find the top eCommerce web design India to help you answer that question.

eCommerce Website Cost in India and Its Different Types

Before we proceed with the display of the prices that apply to the various e-commerce site ranges, we must first define what we mean by this phrase.

The phrase "e-commerce" refers to a transaction in which two parties exchange products or services over the internet. It's worth noting that there are various different types of e-commerce websites;

Here's a quick rundown:

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  • e-commerce between businesses ( business to business) ;
  • e-commerce between a company and individuals ( business to consumer);
  • e-commerce between a company and its employees (Intranet) ;
  • e-commerce between government and private companies .

eCommerce Website Packages:

A basic eCommerce Website - 

A modest site enables a newbie to online sales to have a site that is both comprehensive and simple to use. Online payment, the ability to pick things and place them in a shopping cart, the ability to pay for online purchases, and the security measures required for these transactions are all features featured in this type of e-commerce site.

To qualify for a rate of between $ 299, the customer must still give the site's text, logo, and product information. The site will have 4 to 6 pages of material and may provide up to 100 products at this rate. There will also be a registration, contact, and submission form (if needed), as well as a blog available.

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Extended or Medium sized Package - 

The specifics relating to the medium-sized site are very similar to the ones relating to the small-scale site. The first resemblance is in the items that must be delivered on behalf of the consumer in order to benefit from the rate offered, which are identical. The second resemblance, on the other hand, refers to the pieces that make up the site's configuration.

The difference between the large and small sites is in the product display capacity, which ranges from 100 to 500 products. Furthermore, the site can include anything from 11 to 20 pages, which is more than double the prior offer. The price will range from $ 499 to $ 699 as a result of these factors.

A Professional or Corporate eCommerce Website - 

Prices for a large e-commerce site totally depends. Because the pricing in this category are so unpredictable, it's crucial to have a clear concept of the features you want on your site before you start. Although the price appears to be excessive in some ways, it does contain a turnkey project that will require no participation from you (apart from the budget).

An crucial clarification regarding an e-commerce site's price

The above mentioned rates are for a single-language e-commerce site. Prices for bilingual sites will be around 50% more.

What is The Approximate Cost of an eCommerce Website in India

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