What is The Cost of Car Transportation Services?

What is The Cost of Car Transportation Services?
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24 January 2023

By road, ocean, rail, or railway, these are the four different ways to transport your car. But, what is the cost of car transportation services? How do movers calculate the costs? What things are considered while estimating car transportation charges in India?

Well, everything will be discussed in this blog. Keep reading!

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Car in India?

When we talk about the general charges of car shipping services in India then it starts at Rs. 5000. But, the actual cost of car transportation in Delhi or anywhere in the country depends on various factors. An auto transport company will consider a few things to estimate the transportation fees. And the price may range between Rs. 5000 – Rs. 20000. But, that completely depends on the following factors:-

  • Distance
  • Agency you booked
  • Weight and size of the vehicle
  • Transportation mode
  • Timing or season
  • Extra measures that movers need to take
  • Packaging materials
  • GST and toll-taxes

Though these are the most common cost-affecting factors of car transportation in Bangalore or other cities, we will know the rates according to the distance and transportation mode.

Car Transportation Rates Based on Distance

Professional car carrier companies in Delhi help you transport your car domestically and internationally regardless of its type and size. But while doing so they will charge a penny. Mostly considering the distance to be covered. Let’s see the cost of car transportation based on distance.


Tentative Rates

Up to 400 Km

Rs 5,000 - 7,000

400 - 800 Km

Rs 7,000 - 10,000

800 - 1300 Km

Rs 10,000 - 13,000

1300 - 1900 Km

Rs 13,000 - 16,000

Shipping your car to a distant place is an expensive affair. Yet there are a few reputed moving companies that offer affordable car transportation services. Find out about them and get your car transported conveniently. Now, let’s see the charges of car transportation in Bangalore or other cities depending on the transportation mode.

Car Shifting Charges Based on Transportation Mode

There are four types of transportation modes you can opt for –Rail, Road, Sea, and Air. You can save a fortune by transporting four-wheelers by rail. However, this isn’t considered the safest mode to ship your cars. And, when it’s an international move then you will have to ship your vehicle by ocean freight services. Well, all the transportation modes will cost you differently.

·         Car Shipping Charges by Sea

As ocean or sea freight services are used for international car transportation services, the charges will be higher. Thus, the car shipping by sea charges will range between Rs. 80,000 – Rs. 1,00,000. But they ensure your beloved car will safely and conveniently reach its destination on time.

·         Car Transport Charges by Air

Air cargo transportation is used during an international move. This is the quickest way to transport your four-wheeler. However, the most expensive one too. Hence, most people opt for rail or road modes to transport vehicles. Air freight car transportation service is much more expensive than land or sea freight. But, moving across the country becomes faster with this service.

·         Car Transportation Charges by Train

Car transportation by train will cost you according to the size and weight of the car. Though it’s the cheapest way to ship your car to a long-distance place yet it’s the most time-consuming method. However, the cost of car transportation by train may range between Rs. 8000 – 15,000.

·         Car Shifting Rates by Truck

The charges for four-wheeler or vehicle transportation by truck start at Rs. 5000.  But This price range can go up to Rs. 20,000 depending on the distance, the weight of the car, and taxes.

We have already discussed the rates of car transport in India based on distance and the factors that affect the charges. Every transport company has its parameters to estimate their fees. Hence, the charges vary from company to company. And this is the reason why you need to contact a car carrier company to know their exact rates. You will get to know exactly how much you need to pay the movers. To get free quotes from the top reputed car shipping companies near you, contact a trusted web portal. Because there you don’t have to share your details multiple times. Just fill up an inquiry form and get instant quotations from verified companies.

Now, you knew the approximate cost of car transportation services in Delhi or other cities in India. And, if you want to know the exact cost fees or charges, then contact a few trustworthy companies. Get their estimates sharing all your requirements. Multiple quotes let you know the services included in the package and their actual cost. Also, you will get to know the circumstances that may influence the price.

In our next article, we will discuss in detail about the common factors that influence car transportation charges. So, stay in touch!

Though these are the most common cost-affecting factors of car transportation in Bangalore or other cities, we will know the rates according to the distance and transportation mode.

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