What Is The Difference Between A Utility Kilt and a Tartan Kilt?

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Whenever the discussion about Scottish people is done, there are two things that cannot be ignored. It's for sure football and kilts. People who aren't Scottish take a kilt as a simple skirt. That's totally wrong. There is much more about this useful piece of clothing you need to know. Today, we'll be discussing two main types of kilts. You can pick your men kilt perfect pick among them. 

To understand the basic concept about kilts, it's crucial for you to know that there are two most common types of kilts. One of them is the real traditional Scottish kilt known as tartan kilt. It is different from others as it doesn't contain pockets or any other accessories. 

Second type of kilt is known as the modern utility kilt that is more commonly called the utility kilt. It is accessorized with pockets and other essentials.

It is the one that is popular among countries other than Scotland like the United States and the United Kingdom. It can be designed in a more specific design and nowadays worn by modern men. Let's analyze how we can distinguish between both of them. 

The Past 

Everyone has a mindset in their minds that kilt has basically evolved from the Irish, Cetlic and Scottish culture. If we go in more depth, kilts are owned by the tribes of similar cultures. They named it as Tartan Kilt as the fabric used in it is of Tartan. Not all tartan kilts are the same. Each tribe is known among others for their unique designs and culture. 

If we talk about Utility kilt, there is nothing wrong if we say that it's an advanced form of the traditional, tartan kilt. With the passage of time, the manufacturing processes and availability of fabrics also changes. Nowadays, Utility kilts for sale are being produced in fabrics like denim, leather or even cotton. This change seems to be positive but the real culture of Scottish people doesn't reflect in it. 

Kilt's composition

There is a clear difference between the composition of both the kilts. The Tartan kilt that holds the real old history contains an apron at the front and pleats at back. In them, black pleats remain highly visible and cover the legs of the person pairing it. 

It is mostly manufactured in the black colour so that its users remain warmer during winters. It's so as the sun attracts black colour more than any other. However, the colour scheme varies during the summers. 

As the traditions and demand of customers experienced a change, utility kilts started manufacturing according to the modern design patterns. But still, we can see a glance of Scottish culture in it. To enhance them the concept of adding pockets is utilized and this idea actually gained popularity all around the globe. 

More decorative items like buttons, belts, hooks, buckles are also being added so that users carry it with more passion. Scottish people are against this modern type of kilt but there's nothing wrong in saying that this concept acts like a turning point for their popularity. 

Fabricating Process

As discussed earlier, Tartan kilt is the oldest known form of kilt and obviously it has an old history. It clearly shows that the fabricating procedure of it will also be different. The main difference is that they were handmade and launched without the usage of any machinery or modern tools. 

Trusted needles and yarn are being used to sew it. Whereas, the production process for the utility kilts is completely opposite. As the modern world has access to all the machinery products and other required essentials, producing them is not an issue now. 

In earlier days, there were fewer options known for the fastening process so it was being done with the help of adjustable leather. Then, after a little time, the method of adding leather straps on both sides like the belt design is followed to fasten it. 

The fun fact is that the same method is still followed now with a little bit of enchantment. As modern kilts are more accessorized, providing grip to them isn't an issue any more. Essentials like chains, belts, buckles are utilized for this purpose. 

It was difficult for the users of the traditional kilt to store essentials so they used to carry a sporean along. It is a kind of pouch or bag that can be attached with kilts for the ease of its users. The addition of pockets in modern kilts has reduced the usage of these sporrans now which is a positive change. 

To Wrap Up

These were some points that made Tartan kilts and utility kilts different from each other. We hope that it's all clear from your side. Buy kilts for men according to your preference. 


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