What is the difference between a zinc alloy metal keypad and an aluminum keypad?

What is the difference between a zinc alloy metal keypad and an aluminum keypad?
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30 August 2023

The essential difference between a Brass Keypad and an Aluminum Keypad. 

Keyboard plates manufactured from brass are known for their premium appearance and feel. They can also amplify the sound associated with the switches, making them more satisfying to type on.

Zinc and aluminum alloys are both utilized in manufacturing, nevertheless they have different properties which make them better for different applications. This website post shall discuss the differences when considering both of these alloys and help you choose which is suitable for your requirements.

Zinc Alloy

Zinc can be used to make alloys along with other metals to boost their mechanical, chemical and properties that are electrical. Its most popular alloy is brass, which contains between 55% and 95% zinc along with copper, tin and lead to add durability and strength. Zinc can be used in order to make solder.

Like all metals, zinc does corrode when exposed to air and moisture. However, zinc corrodes far more slowly than iron, which is the reason why it is commonly used in protective coatings to guard against harsh environments and elements that are weather.

Zinc alloy die casting is usually used to produce parts and components for a lot of different sorts of industries, including electrical, automotive and hardware equipment. It really is particularly designed for smaller, thinner/lighter applications, as it could be cast to tight tolerances and requires lower pressure and temperatures than aluminum alloy die casting. It is also welded, joined by soldering and other methods, and finished with paints or polymers. Zinc is relatively inexpensive.

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum is a naturally occurring metal that is present in varying degrees when you look at the Earth’s crust. It is a element that is silvery-white may be combined with other elements to form alloys. These alloys offer unique characteristics that can improve the strength, durability, along with other properties of the original metal.

Color: Aluminum alloy material-Silver


Aluminum alloys can be tempered to enhance their properties that are mechanical. This method involves heating the materials at a controlled rate and cooling it slowly. The change that is resulting the chemical and physical structure for the material improves its strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, and workability.

Aluminum alloys have good electrical conductivity, low melting point, low densities, and weldability that is great. They also have a high strength-to-weight ratio and will be used in a multitude of applications. They can additionally be anodized to produce beautiful colors. The 1xxx series of aluminum alloys is near to pure, unalloyed aluminum and is soft. These grades could be welded using all methods but would be best for applications with good corrosion and finish resistance.

Brass Alloy

Brass is one of the most common kinds of metal alloys we encounter on a regular basis. It is often used in electrical components and fixtures that are plumbing of the strength and corrosion resistance. Moreover it has conductivity that is excellent and that's why copper wires are manufactured from it.

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A brass alloy might have many different ratios of copper to zinc to experience different colors and properties. Several of the most common are referred to as Muntz Metal and Alloy 260, that is 70/30 brass (copper to zinc). Alloy 260 is prized because of its strength and ductility, and contains good resistance to dezincification in severe climate conditions.

The tin in this alloy helps you to inhibit dezincification as well. Other brass alloys with tin include red brass and ounce metal. These alloys can be hot or cold worked, and exhibit moderate strength and high atmospheric and aqueous corrosion resistance. These brasses are also characterized by low sensitivity to dezincification and now have good hot forgeability and cold formability.

Keyboard Plates

Keyboard plates are a structural component of mechanical keyboards, providing stability and support. They are able to also affect the overall experience that is typing as different plate materials can amplify or dampen the sound of keys and switches.

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Aluminum plates are a choice that is popular gamers because they're lightweight and durable. There is also a appearance that is sleek complements many modern keypads keyboards designs. However, aluminum can oxidize in the long run and require cleaning that is regular maintain steadily its appearance.

Ajazz Zinc

The Ajazz Zinc is an unusual beast within the metal keyboard world, packing a bluetooth-equipped 65% layout and doubleshot PBT keycaps into a aluminum case that is full. To keep this bundle that is hefty from electrical shorting, Ajazz has included a plastic sheet from the zinc alloy case to stop the PCB from touching it.


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